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"Vengeance of the Immortal Villain!": After a series of strange lights, Washington D.C. suddenly experiences a freak blackout, followed by many other cities across the United States. When Iris West tells Barry Allen the news, they wonder which city will be next and what the source of the strange

Quote1.png This will settle my score with the Justice Society of America! I've captured their last member — with a second Flash thrown in for good measure! Quote2.png
Vandal Savage

The Flash #137 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1963.

Synopsis for "Vengeance of the Immortal Villain!"

After a series of strange lights, Washington D.C. suddenly experiences a freak blackout, followed by many other cities across the United States. When Iris West tells Barry Allen the news, they wonder which city will be next and what the source of the strange events are. Barry finds that the cities in question ring a bell but can't exactly place a finger on it, and offers to walk Iris home. After dropping Iris off Barry realizes how the cities effected sound familiar. Rushing home Barry goes through his old comic book collection recalling that the cities that have been affected were home towns of super-heroes listed in comic books. Pulling out an old issue of All Star Comics, Barry realizes that the cities affected were cities where members of the Justice Society of America operated from. Remembering that these heroes actually exist in the alternate universe of Earth-Two, Barry decides to change into the Flash and pay a visit to the Flash of that native reality -- Jay Garrick.

Vibrating such a way to transport himself from Central City on Earth-One to Keystone City on Earth-Two, Barry races to the home of Jay Garrick where he finds Jay's wife Joan at home. When Jay returns from a mission, Barry explains to him what had happened and Jay is surprised because the same events are happening on Earth-Two, and his comrades in the Justice Society of America that live in those cities have gone mysteriously missing. When the strange lights appear over Keystone City, both Flashes speed out to try and find their source. Along the way Jay is stunned by a strange ray that encases him in a transparent cube and carries him off into the sky. Witnessing this attempted capture, Barry races after the cube, manages to hop onto it and smashes it open by hitting it at super-speed and then safely carry himself and Jay to the ground by creating a wind vortex at super-speed. With Jay fast recovering, Barry suggests that they go back to the sky-light making machine.

Meanwhile, in a secret hideout within Mammoth Caves, long time JSA villain Vandal Savage is the mastermind behind the capture of the heroes. So far he has already succeeded in capturing Doctor Mid-Nite, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, the Atom, Johnny Thunder, and the Green Lantern. Savage boasts over using technology invented by his comrades in the Injustice League to capture the heroes and vows to capture the Flash. Savage recounts how millions of years ago he was simply a primitive Cro-Magnon named Vandar Adg when the energies of an exploding meteor exploded over his head making him immortal, and lived out the centuries as sometimes as a ruler, sometimes as a warrior.

Vowing to capture the Flash, Vandal Savage then goes out in a specially prepared craft to personally capture the hero himself. He comes across Jay and Barry at the site of his sky-light device and is surprised to find another Flash. Despite this surprise, Vandal Savage manages to capture the two heroes with his ships high-tech devices and attempts to take them back to his hideout. The two heroes revive and combine their vibratory powers to shake up the ship and force it to crash, however Vandal Savage manages to escape unharmed and return to his base. The Fastest Men Alive trace Savage back to his cave where they run into his trap, a weapon that causes the two heroes to fight each other.

Barry knows that he will be able to defeat Jay in a fight because he is younger and can use his super-speed longer, and easily knocks Jay out. Then in order to capture Vandal Savage vibrates at super-speed to render himself invisible. Savage then captures Jay and then sets up a trap for Barry by putting up a hologram of himself in a trap that would trap the Flash in one of his cubes. Barry deduces this at the last moment, and springs the trap without getting caught in it. Savage believes that because the Flash was moving so fast that he was invisible, that he captured this other Flash. However, his guess proves wrong when he turns around and finds that the Flash has freed all the members of the Justice Society of America.

With Savage defeated and turned over to the authorities, Wonder Woman suggests that the heroes should prevent this form happening again by coming out of retirement and reuniting as the Justice Society once more, a suggestion that everyone agrees upon. With everything on Earth-Two set right again, Barry returns home to Earth-One where he calls Iris for a date. Iris declines because the Picture News is scrambling to find answers to the mysterious blackouts that happened on Earth-One, Barry realizes he's going to have to zip by the paper as the Flash and tell Iris the exclusive story if he's ever going to get a date out of her soon.

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  • Barry Allen mentions that Calvin City and cities of other 3 JSAers have counterparts on Earth-One.


  • Vandal Savage mentions being arrested 16 years before his escape; In addition to dimensional travel, this fact makes this story difficult to fill in a post-crisis tale. Savage was active in villainy during Justice Society of America Vol 1, which takes place in 1950.

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