"Prey For The Piper": The Pied Piper is back with a twofold scheme: defeat the Flash, and revenge himself upon his parents.

The Flash #307 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1982. It was published on November 17, 1981.

Appearing in "Prey For The Piper"

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Synopsis for "Prey For The Piper"

The Pied Piper is back with a twofold scheme: defeat the Flash, and revenge himself upon his parents.

Appearing in "Twilight of the Fifth Sun"

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Synopsis for "Twilight of the Fifth Sun"

Doctor Fate and Inza Kent have been trapped by the Lord of Chaos known as Malferrazae, who has existed under the identity of the ancient Aztec God of destruction Totec. With both Inza and Fate under his control, Totec travels to Mexico City, to rebuild the ancient city of Tenochtitlan and recover the lost temple source of his power.

With his powers renewed, Totec sends Doctor Fate to another dimension, where all his former cultists and worshippers have survived in the form of undead beings. Totec recalls that he lost his powers after the Spanish conquest of Mexico, which eliminated most of his worshippers, eliminating his source of power. Now that he has been released, Totec plans to set the "Fifth Sun" in motion, which will bring the destruction of mankind and the fifth massive extintion in the history of Earth.

Meanwhile, Doctor Fate has managed to overcome the undead army and Totec notices that Fate grows weaker with every effort he makes to eliminate them. In order to give the final blow, Totec uses his powers to use the jealousy he has sensed in Inza towards Fate and transforms the human feeling into a powerful monster which he sends to fight against Fate, hoping to eliminate the only challenger standing in his way to achieve his goal of massive destruction. The jealousy monster attacks Fate, but the powerful Lord of Order is unable to destroy it without killing Inza in the process.



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