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"Blink of an Eye": Wally West announces to the Justice League that he has decided to resign as the Flash, hoping to enjoy a normal life with his family after the long series of traumatic events he has experienced since his [[DCU: Rebi

Quote1 I know he doesn't get it. Not really. Barry... my mentor. My hero. I've chased after his legend, his... legacy for so long, I've forgotten what it was to just be... me. He always told me to run toward my problems. But sometimes running through danger is actually running away from the life that matters. And I can't do that anymore. Not after... Quote2
The Flash (Wally West)

The Flash #768 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2021. It was published on March 30, 2021.

Synopsis for "Blink of an Eye"

Wally West announces to the Justice League that he has decided to resign as the Flash, hoping to enjoy a normal life with his family after the long series of traumatic events he has experienced since his return. His mentor Barry Allen tries to convince him to reconsider but ultimately respects his choice, even when Wally asks him to sever his connection to the Speed Force so he will not be tempted to use his powers in the future.

In order to cut Wally off from the Speed Force, the two Flashes will need to be moving at top speed, so they meet up for what they believe will be their last run together. Barry and Wally race across the world, foiling numerous supervillains as they go, until they reach the speeds necessary to enter the Speed Force. Barry prepares to sever Wally's connection to the Force, however just before he does so Wally's body dissolves into streaks of lightning, leaving only his costume. Barry exits the Speed Force in Paris, gathers up Wally's costume and attempts to run back to America only to find to his horror that his powers are gone. Barry's teammate Green Arrow arrives to pick him up, but there is tension between the two during the journey home, as Ollie blames Wally for the Sanctuary disaster in which his own protégé Roy Harper was killed.

At the Hall of Justice, Barry and Oliver are joined by Mr. Terrific. They learn that the other speedsters have also had their connections to the Speed Force severed and attempt to use the various means at their disposal to locate Wally. Barry speculates that the Speed Force took Wally for a purpose due to his special connection to it, but admits there is a lot he does not understand about the Force. Green Arrow suggests that the Speed Force is wounded in some way and is using Wally to fix itself.

Meanwhile Wally awakens on prehistoric Earth. He realizes he has time travelled but notes that it feels different from any other time he has done so. While attempting to drink from a river he sees the reflection of a caveman with a lightning bolt-shaped mark over his left eye in the water. Wally realizes that he has somehow possessed the body of a prehistoric man but notes that he still has his speed. He attempts to use his powers to travel into the future but finds that he cannot reach the speeds necessary to do so. As he runs, a nearby raptor begins sparking with Speed Force energy and chases him at super speed.

Back in the present, Barry and Mr. Terrific have built a transmitter which will allow them to communicate with Wally through the Speed Force itself. They make contact as Wally flees from the raptor up a volcano, and he tells them that he is somehow inhabiting the body of a caveman, when they had assumed he was simply once again lost in the Speed Force. Barry tells Wally that they believe his consciousness was somehow catapulted through the timeline into an open conduit of Speed Force energy. The raptor begins to shake and then explodes in a huge burst of Speed Force energy. Wally attempts to outrun the blast but is caught in it.

Barry loses the connection to Wally and insists Mr. Terrific increase the power of the transmitter to reestablish contact, despite the potential danger. Green Arrow tries to stop him and they argue, with Barry blaming Ollie and himself for Wally's predicament, as it was the superhero community's poor treatment of Wally after Sanctuary that lead him to want to give up his powers in the first place. Ollie admits Barry is right and tells Terrific to power up the transmitter, but Wally reestablishes contact himself. He has been transported to the 30th Century and is in the body of his cousin Bart Allen. Barry tells him to use the time travel technology available in that time period to come home so they can work on the problem together. However, before Wally can do so, Gold Beetle runs up from behind him being chased by a gigantic Dominator and yells at “Impulse” to run.

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  • As Naomi is already a Justice League member, this story takes place between the events of Justice League (Volume 4) #63 and Justice League (Volume 4) #64
    • Bloodsport's arrest implies that this story leads into his journey through the Multiverse at the behalf of Amanda Waller which was shown in Suicide Squad (Volume 7).
  • According to the writer Jeremy Adams, the caveman whose body Wally possesses in the past, has a natural connection to the Speed Force (as suggested by the lightning bolt mark around his left eye) and was chosen by it, unlike the dinosaurs who got the powers from the Speed Force after it went haywire.
  • This issue is reprinted in The Flash: Wally West Returns.

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