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"Blink of an Eye, Chapter Four": Wally West is in trouble. He has jumped into the body of the Reverse-Flash, he's surrounded by the Legion of Doom and worst of all, the surge of Speed Force ener

Quote1.png You taught us to use our powers for good. You taught us that being a hero is doing the right thing no matter what. You didn't just teach us how to survive, Dad. You taught us how to thrive. You did that! My Dad... The Flash! Quote2.png
Irey West

The Flash #771 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2021. It was published on June 15, 2021.

Synopsis for "Blink of an Eye, Chapter Four"

Wally West is in trouble. He has jumped into the body of the Reverse-Flash, he's surrounded by the Legion of Doom and worst of all, the surge of Speed Force energy has struck Superman, who appears to be dead. However, the members of the Legion all look different than normal and are acting in an unusually bombastic way; plus, due to the changes to Eobard Thawne's timeline, there shouldn't even be a Reverse-Flash. Back in the Speed Lab, Barry Allen and Mr. Terrific realise that Wally has jumped to one of the new alternate realities within the Omniverse. Green Arrow points out that if Wally is not only jumping into all the speedsters in Earth's history, but also every speedster across the Infinite Frontier, he may never make it home.

In the alternate reality, Lex Luthor is jealous that the Reverse-Flash so easily defeated his nemesis with a previously unknown power and demands an explanation. Wally tries to bluff his way out, claiming he didn't trust Luthor enough to tell him everything, and the Legion quickly fall into infighting. Wally sneaks towards Superman to drain the surge from him, but the Man of Steel gets up and attacks the Legion. Wally tries to explain the situation to Superman but he isn't willing to listen. Lex Luthor attacks them both with a heavily armed ship, and Wally vibrates his way inside. He takes control of the ship and blasts Superman with a power-nullification ray that drains the surge from him. Enraged, Luthor swings at Wally, who stays perfectly still as he feels himself being sucked back into the timstream. Wally leaves Reverse-Flash's body just in time for him to get punched out by Luthor and the two villains to be apprehended by Superman.

Wally continues his body-switching journey across time and space. He jumps into Max Mercury, Kid Flash, Liberty Belle and even Barry himself in the past. Back in the present, Barry and Mr Terrific theorise that the Speed Force may be trying to expel something from itself. They decide to send a burst of tachyons into the Speed Force the next time Wally jumps to flush whatever it is out. Barry calls Wally to tell him the plan, and is amazed at where Wally has landed now.

Wally has jumped into his own son Jai twenty years in the future, where Irey is waiting for him. The twins had known this would happen as Wally had told them the story of his time travel adventures many times. Irey has already safely absorbed the surge of Speed Force energy and will gradually release it over the next few minutes, giving her and Wally time to talk. Wally is overjoyed to hear that his children will grow up safe and happy, as he has a long history of his friends and family being harmed, but Irey assures him things will be better for him in the future. Irey can't share many details of the future, but she does tell him that she is happily married and Jai is dating a time traveller. Waly says that retiring from heroics was the right choice and Irey bursts out laughing, revealing that she and Jai had grown up to be superheroes themselves.

Irey takes Wally into space and shows him a star that has been ornamented with a gigantic lightning bolt to resemble the Flash emblem. She warns him that his next jump would be the hardest but that he will get through it. She tells Barry to send the tachyon surge and releases the last of the Speed Force energy, closing off the conduit. Wally is sucked back into the timestream and to his horror finds himself back in his own body on the grounds of Sanctuary, surrounded by the dead.

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