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"The Search for Barry Allen, Part 3": On Earth 0, Linda jumps through the Speed Force portal to look for her children.

Quote1 We're going to do what the Flash Family does best. We're going to save the world. Quote2
The Flash (Wally West)

The Flash #785 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2022. It was published on August 16, 2022.

Synopsis for "The Search for Barry Allen, Part 3"

On Earth 0, Linda jumps through the Speed Force portal to look for her children.

On Night-Flash's world, Jai and Irey take shelter in an abandoned warehouse with a kid in a purple suit. They explain that they are from another world and have lost what they need to get home. The kid tells them that when Barry Allen was a child, a crime boss named Knives Maroney tried to rob his scientist father's lab while Barry and his mother were visiting. Knives shot Barry's mother, but before he could kill Barry the lab was struck by lightning and Barry was doused in a healing serum his father had developed. The lab burned down, leaving Barry as the only survivor. The accident gave Barry superhuman speed, which he used to become Night-Flash. The kid claims that Night-Flash is an unstoppable, ruthless vigilante who rules over the city like a dictator, but Irey says they can stop him.

The kid leads the twins to Night-Flash and they attack him, but they are shocked when the kid yells at them to kill him. Night-Flash overpowers the Wests and the kid pulls out two glowing blades and tries to kill Night-Flash, claiming to have killed his mother. Jay Garrick appears and pulls Night-Flash away from the kid, but the twins tell him that the kid is evil, not Night-Flash. The kid runs away at superspeed, and Night-Flash reveals that the kid is in fact Knives Maroney, who also survived the lab explosion and was given powers, but has been aging in reverse ever since. The twins and Night-Flash mutually apologise and Jay and the kids return to Earth 0, with Night-Flash bidding them farewell and telling them he is glad to know there are other heroes out there. Meanwhile, Knives returns to the point where the twins first appeared on his world and finds the beacon which would return them to Earth 0.

On the wasteland world, the alternate Barry Allen tells Jesse Quick and Max Mercury that he carries a magic artifact that can restore life to his world, which devastated by something known as the Fraction. They hold off the raiders while he runs for a spire in the centre of the desert. The alternate Barry climbs to the top of the spire and smashes the Pearl, which causes the spire to collapse and a spring to bubble up from the ground. Barry had intended to sacrifice himself but Max and Jesse save him. They return home, having brought hope back to his world.

Linda emerges in Earth-Flash.1 just in time to save Wally from being killed by Barry, who believes he is the Reverse-Flash. Linda is able to get Barry to snap out of his delusion, and he remembers that Pariah imprisoned him in a dream world. When they tell him that the Justice League were killed, Barry realises that they have been sent to their own paradise worlds just like him. Meanwhile, Earth-Flash.1 continues to try to entice Wallace, but when Daniel West enters the house alive and well, he realises it is not real. The world begins to disintegrate when he rejects it and he runs from the alternate Flash Family. He joins up with the others and runs for the portal to Earth 0.

As they run for the portal, Linda races past Wally, revealing her speed to him. In the Speed Force, Barry splits off from the others to go and rescue the Justice League, and tells the others to protect Earth 0 while he is away. The Flash Family all reunite on Earth 0, and Wally says that they will save the world together.

Appearing in "The Search for Barry Allen, Part 3"

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  • Hermes' Helmet
  • Knives Maroney's Knives
  • Night-Flash's Suit
  • The Pearl (Single appearance)
  • Speed Force Wristbands
  • The Spire (Destroyed)
  • T-Spheres



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