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"Birth Right, Part 2 - The Rain Maker": Linda tries to protect baby Josh Jackam from the man who claims to be his father, the Weather Wizard. However, she is unable to outrun the criminal, who is somehow much mo

Quote1.png I've wasted my life with this game. Playing cop and robber with the Flash. I lost sight of what was really important. Absolute Power. Quote2.png
Weather Wizard

The Flash (Volume 2) #176 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2001.

Synopsis for "Birth Right, Part 2 - The Rain Maker"

Linda tries to protect baby Josh Jackam from the man who claims to be his father, the Weather Wizard. However, she is unable to outrun the criminal, who is somehow much more powerful than before. As the chase continues, Detective Morillo heals from serious wounds in seconds and he starts looking for the wizard. When the criminal has finally cornered Linda, he explains that the current storm he has created, it not entirely under his control, but it is being increased by his son, who has inherited the powers from the Weather Wand. Wizard then reveals that he wants the kid in order to learn the source of his powers and replicate them on himself, but in order to do so, he plans to dissect the baby. At that moment, Morillo shoots the Wizard on the shoulder and this distraction gives Linda enough time to run somewhere safe.

In the meantime, Flash is trapped inside the tornado caused by the Wizard and he struggles to get out of the vortex. Using a tanker of flamable material and exposing it to high speed vibrations, Flash manages to create an explosion that hurtles his body ouf of the tornado. Once he has regained his footing, Flash is able to reach the base of the tornado and starts running on the opposite direction of the wind, cancelling the energy of the storm and making the tornado disappear.

After the threat of the tornado is under control, Flash joins Linda and Detective Morillo, but the Weather Wizard has already recovered and is ready to attack. Flash manages to take the Weather Wand away from him, but the Wizard uses the wand to give Flash a heavy electric discharge, which leaves him stunned for a few minutes. The Wizard recovers his wand and tells Flash the story of how he met Julie Jackam after she had broken up with Flash and how he managed to use her in a moment of vulnerability. He also confesses that he never knew about the kid until the person he has been working with told him the truth.

The Weather Wizard knocks Linda unconscious and forces Morillo out of the way using his wand, clearing the way between him and his son. The Wizard picks up Josh and fells the inmense power of the baby in his hands, but when he looks closely to the kid, he starts noticing the resemblance between him and his son. This opportunity is taken by Flash, who snatches Josh away from the Wizard, returns him to Linda, who has just recovered and then uses high vibrations to destroy the weather wand, leaving the Wizard powerless. As the Wizard lies unconscious on the street, the Mirror Master appears on a reflection and mocks the Wizard for acting so harsh and not having waited as he was told. Flash tries to reach the window on which the criminal was reflected, but the Mirror Master soon disappears. Flash becomes concerned for the unusual activities of the Rogues, but his mind is distracted when Detective Morillo asks him and Linda what are they going to do with the kid.

Afterwards, the Weather Wizard has been taken to the local prison, where he tries to contact the Mirror Master to no avail. Soon, a police officer approaches his cell and informs him that he is going to be transferred to Iron Heights.

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