"Ignition: Part Four: Cold Reality": Captain Cold appears and critiques the freezing of the Flash as 'amateur' and not reaching absolute zero. When police officers Jared Morillo and [[Frederick Chyre (New Eart

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Captain Cold

The Flash (Volume 2) #204 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 2004. It was published on November 26, 2003.

Synopsis for "Ignition: Part Four: Cold Reality"

Captain Cold appears and critiques the freezing of the Flash as 'amateur' and not reaching absolute zero. When police officers Jared Morillo and Fred Chyre show up, they tells Cold to freeze. He creates an ice wall shutting them off from Flash and picks Flash up to move him to another location.

Linda Park wakes up from dreams of Zoom killing her children.

Wally de-thaws at the Combines ice arena. Cold put a wall around Flash that would slow him down if he were to try and run. Cold demands the name of the person impersonating him and Flash says he's not worthy of receiving help for his crimes past. Cold refers to Flash as being Kid Flash earlier and Wally is confused as he can't ever remember being Kid Flash. Wally moves as super speed to hit the ground and knock Cold over. He vibrates through the cold wall and when he emerges, Cold has disappeared. He hears voices in his head from Barry claiming that keeping his memory alive isn't enough. Wally must have another reason to run.

Back at the mechanic shop, Wally walks in and Mr. Wheeler tells him Ashley stopped by. Wally can't think of a reason why she's want to talk to him.

Later, Wally walks through the police profile halls and sees a picture of Mr. Element. Ashley Zolomon walks in and explains that Mr. Element learned the secret to transmuting elements. She says he viewed humanity as useless hence he never would share the secrets. She explains her husband was Zoom. She explains she used to be with FBI in Quantico but insisted on taking this role to right her husband's wrongs. She wants to apologize to Linda when Wally interrupts her and tells her to stay away from them. Petrov walks out and asks Ashley is she has any other theories about the cop murders.

When Wally returns at night, he finds a letter from Linda that she went to Iris Allen's house because she needed someone to talk to. A news report comes on claiming police confirmed the presence of both Flash and Captain Cold at yesterday's murder scenes. Suddenly a voice is heard behind Wally commanding him to put the ring back on. He turns around to see Batman

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  • This issue contains a sneak peek at Batman Gotham Knights.

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