"Mirror, rorriM, On the Wall": FBI agents surround Mirror Master, but Mirror Master dispatches the men quickly with his Mirror Gun.

Quote1 I can use a mirror a thousand different ways. Can turn a man inside out. Cut a hole through a seven-foot concrete wall. Make ye see things from yer fantasies -- or from yer nightmares. They laugh at us. At me. Bein' the bloody Mirror Master... 'cause they don't see. They don't look inta the mirror with honesty at 'emselves. Everyone needs an escape. An escape from the sins a' yer past. And the sins a' yer future. The real world. S'just not for me. Spat on my face, took my life and twisted it around. Made me inta somethin' I didn't choose ta be. I ain't ever going back. I ain't ever leavin' wonderland. Quote2
Mirror Master

The Flash (Volume 2) #212 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2004. It was published on July 21, 2004.

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  • Georgie (Only appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for "Mirror, rorriM, On the Wall"

FBI agents surround Mirror Master, but Mirror Master dispatches the men quickly with his Mirror Gun.

McCulloch recalls growing up in an orphanage in Kirkcaldy. Miss McCulloch was the one who found him, of whom he eventually took her name. He recalls a boy named George who would cause trouble. He would take a boy or girl out each night, and when they returned no one would talk about what happened. When he took McCulloch one night, he didn't even scream even though he told himself he would. When George starts reaching for his pants and telling him he's going to like it, he recalls striking George with a rock, and holding him underwater until he stopped fighting back. He recalls looking into the water strangling George until the water became so still he saw his own reflection he was strangling. He left the orphanage when he was 16 and took a picture of his parents with him. He became a hitman since he was good at it.

He eventually took on so many jobs, he eventually did two-a-days. His eye was scratched from a morning gig. The afternoon gig was going wrong. He was supposed to receive a fax of what the target looked like. He never did. He was told a time and location of the person. When the guy showed up, he shot him with a sniper rifle from a distance. The second he pulled the trigger, he realized he had shot his dad, dead.

He felt guilty, and went to visit his mom, but she had slit her wrists in the bath tub and left a note saying she couldn't live without her husband.

McCulloch was so good at assassination, the US government offered to hire and equip him with the Mirror Gun and suit. He stops working for the Government and goes out with the Rogues.

James Jesse gets a package in the mail. When he opens it it's a single piece of mirror with his men trapped inside it.

Mirror Master is asked to join a hand of cards with his fellow Rogues, but he turns it down to go into the bathroom and snort cocaine.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Flash: Rogue War.


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