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"The Secret of Barry Allen, Part Two: Reformed": Wally reads the letter Barry Allen wrote for him after the Justice League mind-wiped Dr. Light. Barry justifies the L

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Wally West

The Flash (Volume 2) #215 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2004. It was published on October 27, 2004.

Synopsis for "The Secret of Barry Allen, Part Two: Reformed"

Wally reads the letter Barry Allen wrote for him after the Justice League mind-wiped Dr. Light. Barry justifies the League's decision in the letter. He tells Wally how The Top's crimes became more and more violent as time went on. He tells Wally how he captured The Top and took him to the League, asking them to use the same spell that they had used on Doctor Light to make The Top a good person instead of a villain. Ultimately, the League agreed and Zatanna cast her spell. The spell seemed to work. For a while, the Top helped Barry defeat several villains. Eventually, it drove Roscoe crazy and the Top disappeared. Barry tells Wally that when the Top returns, Wally is to return his sanity to him.

In Chicago, Head Wave is being interrogated about Sue Dibny's death by Firehawk, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Heat Wave claims to know nothing as the Pied Piper arrives and frees Heat Wave from the heroes. As they escape Piper mentions they'll be viewed as heroes soon when they execute James's plan.

Nightwing and Batman tell Wally they had a lead on Linda Park's whereabouts in Opal City but she has already split.

Back in Keystone City, Wally goes to visit Ashley Zolomon in the hospital. He still feels guilty for what happened to her being a result of his mistake. He asks for her help with finding the Top by moving back and forth between his civilian clothes and Flash costume so fast it appears he's in two places at once.

In San Francisco, Zatanna is doing the dishes when Flash shows up and tells her they are going to fix the Top's mind.

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This issue is a tie-in with Identity Crisis event.
It is recommended you first read Identity Crisis #4 before this issue, and then Identity Crisis #5 after reading this issue.

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