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"The Secret of Barry Allen, Part Three: Spinning": Zatanna and Flash find The Top thanks to Rogue Profiler Ashley Zolomon. She grew up next to a toy factory and saw the Top woul

Quote1.png I just want you to know. You can't trust any of them now, Flash. Because one day, maybe not tomorrow, but one day indeed. I'm going to take all of their goodness and rationality back. And your world will come crashing down. Quote2.png
The Top

The Flash (Volume 2) #216 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 2005. It was published on November 24, 2004.

Synopsis for "The Secret of Barry Allen, Part Three: Spinning"

Zatanna and Flash find The Top thanks to Rogue Profiler Ashley Zolomon. She grew up next to a toy factory and saw the Top would visit this store daily. Flash restrains the Top and Zatanna puts him to sleep. Zatanna casts a spell to restore the Tops memory and he remembers everything. The Top awakens and begins fighting faster than ever, at speeds Wally has a hard time keeping up with. Top knocks Zatanna out by stealing the air around her so she can't cast any spells. As they fight, the Top tells Flash that while he was a hero, he made several of the Flash's enemies reform just as Barry Allen and Zatanna made the Top reform. The Top tells Flash he can't trust any of his allies that used to be Rogues, because they are still under the same spell that Zatanna used on the Top. The Top escapes.

In Chicago, James Jesse informs Pied Piper, Heat Wave, and Magenta that they need to disable the Rogues. He tells them they are all 'reformed' and they have to continue acting the part.

Flash tells Green Arrow about how the Top has re-programmed many Rogues and they can't trust them anymore.

In Keystone City, the Rogues learn of Captain Boomerang's death and that he had a son.[1] The Rogues go to visit Boomerang's son since Captain Cold says they need to "take care of their own".

Flash tells the Justice League what he was told by The Top and then he leaves to return home. On his way, Flash thinks about how they have messed with so many people's minds over time, even the Rogues. He believes they need to aspire to be more and not get involved at that level. As Flash arrives at his apartment, Jared Morillo and Fred Chyre have everything roped off in a crime scene. Flash is worried about a homicide with red being all over a police car when Chyre informs him it was just a paint can falling from the top of a building. Suddenly, Flash is asked by a new reporter to comment. When he turns around, he finally sees Linda Park and he smiles.

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It is recommended you first read Identity Crisis #5, Manhunter 4, and Firestorm 1-Firestorm 6 before this issue, and then JSA #67 and Identity Crisis #6 after reading this issue.

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