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"Invaded Lives Part Two": Chunk fights his way through the jungle while Mary West and her son Wally talk on the phone about Mark Shaw, a Manhunter, who Mary had sent to Cuba to wat

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The Flash (Volume 2) #22 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1989.

Synopsis for "Invaded Lives Part Two"

Chunk fights his way through the jungle while Mary West and her son Wally talk on the phone about Mark Shaw, a Manhunter, who Mary had sent to Cuba to watch after her son.

Shaw tells Wally that his father Robert sacrificed himself in a massive explosion in the Havana harbor that killed most of the remaining Durlan invaders. Wally takes his anger out on Shaw, beating him up, and on Chunk, ignoring him. Chunk finds comfort in talking to Sally Milton, their injured pilot.

Meanwhile, Shaw is offered a job from a group of Cubans wanting to liberate their nation of Fidel Castro. They believe that if he were kidnapped, his government would collapse and they could restore freedom.

Wally arrives at a birthday party held by Castro in his honor. He has turned twenty-one. All the guests are dressed as his fellow super-heroes or as his foes. Wally mingles, sparring with Shaw about the job he has taken on and getting a Cuban history lesson from Castro. The festivities come to a brief halt when a drunken argument between guests turns ugly, a gun is fired, and the power goes out. The generator kicks in, however, and the party continues. Mary West, conflicted after the death of the husband she loved and hated at the same time, finds comfort talking to Castro.

Wally guesses that Shaw probably has begun his mission and heads outside to locate the Manhunter. In the dark, he fails to detect a Durlan who sneaks up behind him. He easily defeats the alien, but Shaw takes the opportunity to knock Wally down. Mary and Castro walk outside to get some fresh air, practically right into Shaw's lap. However, Shaw's employers turn out not to be Cuban freedom fighters at all, but Durlans trying to leave Earth. Mary and Castro are taken, and Shaw and Wally are left for dead.

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Manhunter #9

  • This issue is part of a Flash/Manhunter team-up, that began running through The Flash #21, Manhunter #8 and Invasion! #2. It leads into Manhunter #9 before the story concludes in Invasion! #3.
  • Current Manhunter artist Doug Rice was asked to do a last minute fill in cover for this issue in which Manhunter made a guest appearance.

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