"Rogue War, Chapter 3": The Top fights Flash. Pied Piper takes down The Top with his music. Flash asks him why he ran when he was almost cleared. Hartley tells flash he's still made

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Pied Piper

The Flash (Volume 2) #222 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2005. It was published on May 25, 2005.

Synopsis for "Rogue War, Chapter 3"

The Top fights Flash. Pied Piper takes down The Top with his music. Flash asks him why he ran when he was almost cleared.[1] Hartley tells flash he's still made with Mirror Master.

The Top awakens and returns the James Jesse and Pied Piper's memories back to them, returning them to their villainous selves.

Meanwhile in Central City, Ashley Zolomon defeats her captor. She tells Digger Harkness she is going to bandage him and get him out of there. He tells her no. He tells her that if the Rogues knew who Owen's mother was, they would kill him. He tells her to tell Owen to stay away from his "broth" and then coughs.

James Jessie tells Captain Boomerang Jr. and Weather Wizard he wants back into the Rogues.

Flash knocks out Pied Piper by revealing his true identity and takes him to his apartment for Linda Park to watch over.

The Top then releases Heat Wave from his reprogramming. Captain Cold is shocked to see him sweat as he almost never does. The Top shows that he has reprogrammed Murmur, Double Down, Girder, and Tarpit to work for him. He tells Cold he will reprogram him too if he doesn't join. When Flash joins the fight, they all turn their attention to him. During the commotion, Cold freezes The Top's body and shatters it killing him. He walks away warning, "Rogue's shouldn't fight each other. 'Cause when they do... bad things happen".

Axel Walker, Owen Harkness, and Weather Wizard break into the facility holding Ashley and Digger's body. They are about to take out their frustrations on Ashley when Zoom arrives and stands between them and his wife.

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