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"Rogue War, Chapter 4": Hunter Zolomon thinks about how he is not a part of the Rogues, but instead exists to make Flash a better hero. Ashley Zolomon is shock

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Bart Allen

The Flash (Volume 2) #223 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 2005. It was published on June 29, 2005.

Synopsis for "Rogue War, Chapter 4"

Hunter Zolomon thinks about how he is not a part of the Rogues, but instead exists to make Flash a better hero. Ashley Zolomon is shocked to see her husband, and can barely see him since he fades in and out of the timeline. Weather Wizard, James Jesse, and Owen Mercer say they just want Digger Harkness's body back, but negotiations go south when Owen hastily throws a boomerang at Zoom. Without even trying, Zoom catches the boomerang and drops it on the ground. He snaps his fingers knocking all the Rogues back with a sonic boom.

Elsewhere, the Flash continues his fight against Murmur, Double Down, Girder, and Tarpit.

Zoom defeats the Rogues and takes Ashley Zolomon to Linda Park, where she is already tending to Pied Piper. Captain Cold appears and tells the new Rogues to stop squabbling. Mirror Master appears in the ice reflection of the smashed head of The Top and Dr Alchemy appears as Cold had requested.[1]

Jared Morillo and Fred Chyre appear on TV as the Keystone City Police Department is evacuating people across the bridge from the explosions across Central City. When Impulse sees the announcement, he suits up to help Flash fight the Rogues.

Zoom tells Weather Wizard he's studied him. He knows he's insecure about being not as smart or special as his brother. After knocking him out, he grabs Ashley and disappears telling her that she's not safe in the middle of the battle.

Piper wakes up with Linda and tells her he feels like his mind has been messed with. Suddenly, Zoom shows up in the room with Ashley and drops her off with Linda before disappearing.

Dr. Alchemy messes with Wally's physiology. Cold tells Mirror Master he needs a bigger mirror. When cold make a gigantic wall of ice, Mirror Master throws Gorilla Grodd into the fray. Impulse zips onto the scene saving Flash. As Impulse and Flash are now surrounded, Cold orders them to surrender. Zoom says Plunder doesn't belong in this dimension and zips through him exploding the mirror image of Plunder from this dimension. Zoom picks up Cold and threatens him for threatening the Flash. He throws Cold through the gigantic ice wall he created shattering the image of Mirror Master. Zoom grabs Impulse by the neck and threatens to snap it the same way Barry Allen did to Eobard.[2] Zoom utters some letters and Eobard Thawne appears. He has a Cosmic Treadmill and strapped to the front is Jay Garrick re-appearing after being kidnapped by Zoom earlier.[3]

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  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Flash: Rogue War.
  • The original cover art for this issue included Axel Walker's Trickster among the Rogues.

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