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"Rogue War: Conclusion": In the past, Wally is surprised by the sudden appearance of Barry Allen, his mentor and predecessor as the Flash. As Barry attacks Reverse-Flash, Wally looks bel

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The Flash

The Flash (Volume 2) #225 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2005. It was published on August 31, 2005.

Synopsis for "Rogue War: Conclusion"

In the past, Wally is surprised by the sudden appearance of Barry Allen, his mentor and predecessor as the Flash. As Barry attacks Reverse-Flash, Wally looks below at Zoom's reason for bringing him here - six moths ago, Zoom killed Wally's unborn twins, and that moment is unfolding below him again.

Barry rescues Wally from Zoom. Wally realises that Barry is from some time before he left Central City to retire in the future. Barry mentions that they should get back to the relative present, before their actions disrupt time.

In the present, Ashley Zoloman, Zoom's ex-fiancée, is bringing Linda Park, Wally's wife, to Keystone General Hospital because she is collapsing from stomach pains.

In the past, Wally tries to warn Barry about his future, but Barry waves it away, concentrating on the mission at hand. He tells Wally that "It'll all work out... Just push yourself when you need to." After that, he grabs Professor Zoom and returns to their time in the Cosmic Treadmill. Wally realizes their point of origin - Barry's wedding day, when Flash killed Professor Zoom to protect Fiona Webb.

Robbed of one plan, Zoom switches to his back-up - to run around the world, getting a running start, and plough through Linda Park at super-speed. To save her, and prevent a paradox, Wally runs after him. However, he cannot come level with Zoom, and with metres to go, gets an idea from Barry's advice: he knocks into Zoom at super-speed, 'pushing' himself. Zoom is knocked through the sonic boom created by his past self, and is confused. Wally is temporarily drawn to help Lida, but knows that in his own past, he did that. He concentrates instead on knocking out Zoom.

Desperate to salvage his plans, Zoom tries to restart the Cosmic Treadmill, but since his powers are not derived from the Speed Force, the treadmill comes apart. In the space before they reconnect with the present day, Zoom sees flashes from his life, and the choices and accidents that brought him to his present state. Realising what he almost put Wally through, he apologizes before disappearing.

In the present, Jay Garrick and Kid Flash are left standing as the Rogues are teleported out by Mirror Master. The Turtle's power to negate the Speed Force prevents the Flashes from following. Suddenly, Wally reappears in the present. Through a reflection, Captain Cold explains that the Rogues didn't want this fight, and that there were "no winners here." Wally responds by smashing that mirror. Pied Piper arrives, at Ashley Zolomon's request, to tell the Flash about Linda's trouble.

At the hospital, Wally arrives. Ashley gives him the bad news - the wounds she sustained when Zoom killed her unborn twins have reopened. Less than a minute after Wally arrives, Lida dies of her wounds. However, seconds later a loud humming sound comes from from the room, and Linda sits up sharply - she is somehow pregnant again, and about to give birth. Stunned, everyone prepares for the delivery. Which is successful - the two children are born, and the parents are congratulated.

At Police Precinct 242 the next day, Detectives Morillo and Chyre are calling it a day. Ashley Zolomon stays on 10 minutes to finish some paperwork. Although she knows the Flash's secret identity, she decides not to divulge it to the files. However, on Owen Mercer's file she gives the name of his mother, which she received from the late Captain Boomerang while he was 'reanimated' - Meloni Thawne. She then leaves to be with her workmates, and does not see Zoom materializing in her office to apologize.

Meanwhile, at Avernus Cemetery, the Rogues have convened to lay flowers on Captain Boomerang's grave. While there, they decide to join Lex Luthor's new group. Heatwave and Trickster want to rejoin the Rogues. Captain Cold agrees to let them, calling them family, "and nothing's more important than family... well... 'cept maybe revenge."

At dawn, Wally and Linda are awake while their new babies sleep. Wally mentions Jay's theory that when Wally pushed Zoom into the sonic boom, he absorbed most of the blast, causing a fissure in time, which reset itself after Wally returned to the present. However, despite all the amazing things of the day, and all the tests at Keystone General, Linda is fine and the babies are pronounced normal. Wally thinks that Zoom was wrong; it is his friends and family who make him stronger, not the tragedies that assail him. Going on a morning run, he thinks about all that has happened to him over the last few years, and how, having withstood them with his friends and family, he feels ready for whatever happens next.

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  • Keystone City
    • Avernus Cemetery
    • Keystone General Hospital
    • Precinct House 242
    • Six Months Prior


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  • Reprinted in The Flash: Rogue War and The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years.
  • This issue marks the end of Geoff John's run on the comic. The final page reflects this, as it is a collage from all the things that happened during that run.
  • The writing on the cover says "The FINAL RUN against THE ROGUES!"


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