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"The Clipper Returns": Mason Trollbridge reminisces about the Clipper and decides to fight crime as a new Clipper.

Quote1 Besides, when you have powers, people expect way too much of you Quote2
Wally West

The Flash (Volume 2) #23 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1989.

Synopsis for "The Clipper Returns"

Mason Trollbridge reminisces about the Clipper and decides to fight crime as a new Clipper.

Wally, his mother Mary and Chunk return to the U.S. from Cuba. A bomb set off by a retreating alien invasion force has robbed Wally of his powers. He had spent the last week in a Cuban hospital.

Wally and Mary return to their apartment to find a note from Mason. The note tells of his decision to become the new Clipper. Wally decides to help him. Mary, concerned about her newly powerless son, calls Chunk for help. However, Chunk, frustrated with Wally for constantly ignoring him, decides not to help.

Mason remembers more stories about the Clipper, and how he as a boy served as the hero's sidekick. He happens upon an armed robbery where the robber has strapped bombs across his waist and threatens to blow himself up. Mason manages to get the robber and the victim to talk and work out a deal where the robber walks away with less money and blows nobody up.

Wally meets up with Mason, and they drive through the city. They happen upon an area which is darker than normal and find many victims of strange transformations. People had been turned into monsters, insects, and even puppets in the case of the Pied Piper.

The culprit reveals himself as Abra Kadabra. Wally and Mason manage to hide from him, but only after Kadabra recognizes Wally. The magician decides to attack Wally's home. However, he is not aware of the hero's recent bankruptcy and that his home is no longer the mansion currently owned by Chunk.

Kadabra arrives in Middle Hampton and tortures Chunk. He turns him into a puppet, separates him from his singularity, and makes him grow older and fatter at an amazing rate.

Wally and Mason arrive in Mason's truck, and Kadabra sends flames flying toward the vehicle. The pair jump out of the flaming truck and let it run into the magician as it explodes, apparently killing him.

Chunk, grateful that Wally came to his aid, forgives him for being ignored.

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