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"Casablanca Nights": Mary West leaves the apartment she shares with her son Wally, deriding him as he sleeps for his laziness.

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The Flash

The Flash (Volume 2) #29 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1989.

Synopsis for "Casablanca Nights"

Mary West leaves the apartment she shares with her son Wally, deriding him as he sleeps for his laziness.

When Wally wakes up, he decides to teleport to Paris for some fun and relaxation. However, his teleporter transports him to Lisbon instead. Disappointed, he asks the man who greets him if he has any recommendations of where to go. When the man mentions Casablanca, Wally excitedly speeds off.

After crossing the sea at superspeed, with some help from a rescue helicopter, he goes to Dick's All-American Diner. Here, an Estonian secret policeman named Yuri introduces himself, mistaking Wally for a C.I.A. agent. He tells him that two villains, Merlyn and Syonide, are waiting quietly in the restaurant to assassinate two visitors who should be arriving shortly: a defecting Russian scientist and his guardian, Phantom Lady. When they arrive, a battle ensues as Wally changes into the Flash to stop the attempted assassinations. Despite the added help of several other restaurant patrons joining their side at the promise of a cut of their payment, the villains are overpowered and Wally helps the scientist and Phantom Lady make their getaway.

It turns out that the scientist's specialty is the art of poisoning food supplies, and his main goal in Casablanca is to explore various food establishments and discover the secrets of certain foul-tasting recipes. Wally acts as a chauffeur, speeding the scientist and his guardian around the city.

They finally arrive at the airport, only to find Merlyn and Syonide waiting for them. They are easily defeated, and Yuri arrives to take them into custody. Wally and Phantom Lady celebrate over a meal at Dick's before he heads back home and falls asleep.

Mary returns to the apartment to find her son in the same position as when she left.

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