"Going Out with a Bang": The Flash is thrown for a loop when the leader of high-tech crime syndicate The Combine transports a multi-megaton bomb to a random location in Keystone City, whose whereabouts even he does not know. The upshot being that Flash has only ten

Quote1.png It's not being a hero! It's just doing the right thing. Don't make me beg, Frankie. We don't have time. Are you in? Quote2.png
Wally West

The Flash (Volume 2) #83 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1993.

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Synopsis for "Going Out with a Bang"

The Flash is thrown for a loop when the leader of high-tech crime syndicate The Combine transports a multi-megaton bomb to a random location in Keystone City, whose whereabouts even he does not know. The upshot being that Flash has only ten minutes remaining in which to scour the entire city for the bomb, or face the deaths of thousands of innocents.

Reluctantly, Flash leaves his companions Starfire and Nightwing to finish off the combine while he desperately searches for the bomb. After fruitlessly searching at mach 6 for a full two minutes, he decides that he needs help, and that it must come from his ex-girlfriend Frances Kane, who has electromagnetic powers.

He returns home to find unexpectedly that Frances and his current girlfriend Linda are hitting it off, sharing Wally West war-stories and laughing. Even so, Wally interrupts their fun and demands that Frances use her powers to help him pinpoint the electromagnetic signature of the Combine's teleporter, and find the bomb. Knowing that her powers have the potential to bring out her darker side, and her lack of desire to be a hero, Frances is reluctant. Wally tries to appeal to her sense of responsibility and morality, and she acquiesces.

The Combine's leader escapes through the teleporter, leaving his prospective business partner, Chulo, to face Nightwing and Starfire. The two heroes struggle to take on so many of the Combine's thugs, and Nightwing realizes that because they are directly beneath the river, Starfire's blasts can be used to flood the complex. As the facility fills with water, Chulo escapes. Nightwing lets him go, thinking he's small potatoes, but seconds later, he hears gunshots.

Wally and Frances speed across the city, but the friction with the air is taking its toll on Frances. Even under such pressure, she manages to locate the bomb in an office building. Unfortunately, it is too heavy for Wally to lift, even with his strongest whirlwinds. He begs Frances to use her powers to lift it, but she is resistant.

Nightwing is already struggling with low self confidence after being kicked out of the Titans. When he gets outside, after following the sound of the gunshots, he discovers that Chulo shot and killed someone in order to steal their car and escape. Nightwing attempts to apologize, but one of the bystanders blames him for not stopping Chulo before he killed someone. Of course, Nightwing feels responsible for the death, and his confidence is further shaken.

Flash pushes Frances hard, trying to get her to use the full potential of her powers, but he realizes that without becoming psychotic, she will won't be able to access her real power. Despite worries that he could damage her permanently, Wally tries to manipulate her into getting in touch with her darker side, telling her that she had him pegged when they fought at the baseball stadium days before, and that he doesn't love her. Hearing that brings her powers out, and she sends the bomb high above the city where its explosion can't hurt anyone. With the bomb disposed of, Frances' dark side is unleashed. Wally tells her to let him go for both their sakes, and that whatever they once had is gone. Her anger subsides, and she collapses, accepting the truth.

Later, Frances decides to leave, thankful that Wally has cleared her of having to answer for the damage to the baseball stadium. She accepts that she has to be responsible for finding a way to harness her powers without letting them make her crazy. With that, she flies away. As she leaves, Dick and Kory prepare to leave as well. Wally guesses right that their next destination will be New York City, to search for Chulo. Wally expresses his faith in Dick, saying he's the best he's ever seen, and giving his friend a confidence boost.

Afterward, Wally and Linda straighten out their issues about Frances, with Wally finally admitting aloud that he loves Linda. Linda is surprised, because he has never said it before, and he teases her, hoping she'll say it back. Of course, she does, and they book a day or so off for lovemaking.


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