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"Gorilla Warfare, Part 3: Flash Forward": Patty Spivot has just witnessed the Flash nearly get skewered by Grodd, saved only by the quick actions of a time-travelling ape named Solovar. Fu

Quote1 Stay with me, Barry ... It's gonna be okay. I'm here for you. No matter who you are... I'm here. Quote2
Patty Spivot

The Flash (Volume 4) #15 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 4) with a cover date of February, 2013. It was published on January 2, 2013.

Synopsis for "Gorilla Warfare, Part 3: Flash Forward"

Patty Spivot has just witnessed the Flash nearly get skewered by Grodd, saved only by the quick actions of a time-travelling ape named Solovar. Further to her surprise, she can see in his battered state that Flash is one and the same with her boyfriend Barry Allen, whom she thought dead. Angrily, Patty turns on Grodd, but she is held back by Turbine.

Strangely, Grodd suddenly stops in his tracks, apparently needing his connection to the Speed Force strengthened somehow. Weakly, he wanders away, giving Patty the chance to see to Barry. After rolling Solovar's body to the side, she sees that Barry is wounded, but not fatally. With his dying breath, Solovar reminds Patty that she has to stay by Barry's side, regardless of the secret she has just learned about him.

Meanwhile, the Gorillas have been projecting an illusion of the Gem Cities as having been destroyed, in order to prevent intervention from the outside world. To power the illusion, though, they have needed to gather thousands of individuals at the Central City football stadium. The Rogues are working together to stop the gorillas from kidnapping anymore of their city's people, with intent to send their attackers to the Mirror World.

At Dr. Elias' lab, Grodd breaks in, seeking more Speed Force Energy.

Elsewhere, Daniel West is captured by gorillas while trying to save some civilians, and worries that he will never see his sister Iris again.

Barry's unconscious body, meanwhile, has been taken to the home of his friend Manuel Lago's mother Malaya to recover. Patty has stayed with him the whole time, resting her head on his chest, and speaking to him in hushed tones. Darryl Frye visits to say goodbye to Barry before arranging a strike force of any police available to face the gorillas down. He begs Barry to wake up and give him a hand. Turbine promises his own help, in Barry's stead.

Barry, meanwhile, travels an unfamiliar dreamspace, realizing that he is not dreaming, but rather using his ability to think at super-speed to flash forward, and anticipate the possible outcome of every choice he could make in facing Grodd. After playing out each scenario where he fights Grodd, he realizes that each one ends with Patty being killed or injured. Waking suddenly, Barry realizes that he cares too much about Patty to let that happen, and must give himself up to Grodd freely. It is the only way.

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  • Part of the story takes place on the Broome Hill portion of Central City. John Broome was the original creator of Central City.

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