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"Kid Flash of Two Worlds!": In Central City, during Halloween, Iris shows Wallace and Barry the flowers she's been mysteriously getting. She says she doesn't have any idea who the sender could be. Iris's boss comes into the her office, telling her that the Keystone Bridge has had an accident and

Quote1 The Flash showed me that even though my parents weren't there for me, it didn't mean I was alone ... that there were other people who would be there. And now ... you're not alone either, Kid Flash. No matter what happened in the past. Quote2
The Flash (Wally West)

The Flash (Volume 5) #9 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2016. It was published on October 26, 2016.

Synopsis for "Kid Flash of Two Worlds!"

In Central City, during Halloween, Iris shows Wallace and Barry the flowers she's been mysteriously getting. She says she doesn't have any idea who the sender could be. Iris's boss comes into the her office, telling her that the Keystone Bridge has had an accident and nearly snapped in half. Iris hopes the Flash will turn up to make it 'interesting'.

Kid Flash and Flash rush to the Keystone Bridge, saving people as they go. Flash tells Kid Flash to remember situational awareness, telling him to rebuild the bridge instead of trying to save the civilians. Kid Flash, not knowing the Flash's secret identity, desperately wants to know the Flash's identity. He believes that if he impresses him enough that he'll tell him.

An explosion erupts behind Kid Flash, as someone compliments his suit. Wally West, also known as the Flash, emerges, saving Kid Flash from the explosion by stopping it; much to Kid Flash's confusion.

Flash tells Kid Flash that it's someone he used to train, a close friend of his. Wally says he is the Flash, Kid Flash stating that there being two Flashes is 'confusing'.

Kid Flash asks why Wally is here. Wally states that he needs help with something, before being cut off by the Flash saying that 'something is wrong'. He starts seeing flashbacks to things in his life. Through pain, Flash says that that this has 'happened before' and that the Speed Force 'warned him'.

Kid Flash tries to grab Flash's shoulder, asking if he's okay, but gets burned by his lightning. Flash, not in his right mind, starts rhetorically asking 'why do we do this?'. He asks why they 'try to save people who don't want to be saved', stating that the world is 'wasting away with everything we love being taken.'

Kid Flash and Wally, confused, ask him what's going on. He says that they wouldn't understand, because their family abandoned them, they didn't die like his. He says that their families left them. He tells Kid Flash that his father is Daniel West, the Reverse Flash; asking 'was it you that drove him to become the Reverse Flash?'

Wally tells him to stop. Flash asks him whether he thinks he has what it takes to fill his boots, stating that he 'has no legacy'. He says that he is the true Flash, not Wally. Wally says that the Barry he knew would never say these kind of things, unless there was something wrong with him. Flash says that there is nothing wrong with him, before writhing in pain from something.

Kid Flash asks what's happening, with Wally replying that 'the same thing happened to him' and that he 'was lost in the Speed Force and couldn't find a connection to the real world'. He says that Barry remembering pulled him back. Kid Flash states that he 'tried touching but got burned' but poses the question 'what happens if we both try to pull him back from the Speed Force?'

They grab Flash, telling him to remember them. They successfully pull him back, Flash saying that he would never say those things. Kid Flash angrily asks whether Daniel West is 'really his dad' before running away.

Wally walks up to Wallace, walking away with him to talk about things. Wally states that he knows that the Flash can be 'a little intimidating to talk to at times'. He tells Wallace that he's there if he needs to talk. Wallace says that he become Kid Flash to get away from his former idol, his 'uncle' Daniel West, losing faith in him after he found out that he was the Reverse Flash.

Wally states that he felt the same with his parents, saying that they had big fights constantly. He says that they told him 'it wasn't his fault' but says that he felt rejected constantly being sent away.

Wallace asks how Wally dealt with it, Wally stating that the most important thing the Flash taught him is to believe in himself. He says that the Flash showed him that, just because his parents weren't there for him, doesn't mean others wouldn't be.

Wallace asks if Wally has any more advice for him before he goes. Wally says that one day Wallace will have a race with the Flash, and the Flash will let him win; Wally says that he needs to make sure that he won't let him. That he'll beat him with his own skill, before saying that him and Wallace are both family.

Later, Wally and Barry are both out eating hot-dogs together at the park. Barry states that he knows that Wally is the one giving flowers to Iris, asking why. Wally states that, even though Iris doesn't remember her, he has to pay her back some way for getting him away from his mother and father — for saving his life.

Barry tells him that he should go tell her, but Wally refuses until they find out who is behind the missing years. He says that what they know is that Abra Kadabra is the one who made the world forget about him, Barry adding that he was not the one who changed history. Barry says that he doesn't think whoever did it is done with them, saying that the guilty 'always returns to the scene of the crime'.

He adds that he thinks whoever changed history didn't mean for Wallace and Wally to meet. Wally asks why he says that, Barry rhetorically asks 'when you were in the Speedforce, you said you saw something?' He then adds that, when Kid Flash and Wally saved him, he saw something. He says that he doesn't know what it was, except that he doesn't think he was meant to see it. It says it filled him with hope.

The thing he saw was Jay Garrick's helmet.

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