Quote1 They would not have agreed. So I lied. Fine. I fight every day to save everyone, and once I lied. Because it has been so many years. Of blood. Killing. All these demons. Quote2
-- The Gentle Man src

The Gentle Man is a warrior who tirelessly battles ferocious creatures from another realm called the Hordes of Gehenna in an effort to prevent them from crossing into Earth. Before he left for this mission, The Gentle Man lived a normal life as a man named Julian from Gotham City, who was married to a woman named Angela.

At one point, Batman and Wonder Woman discovered The Gentle Man's existence and briefly fought alongside him. Before they left, they offered to take his place for a day to give him a break from the endless battle and briefly return to his old life. Years later, he took them up on their offer and switched places with the duo.[1] However, The Gentle Man neglected to tell Batman and Wonder Woman that time passes differently in this realm, and what is minutes on Earth equals years in the realm.

While Batman and Wonder Woman spent years battling the Hordes, The Gentle Man spent time with Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, in Gotham, before briefly reuniting with his wife Angela. Eventually, he was persuaded by Selina to go back to his duties and return Batman and Wonder Woman to Earth. He reluctantly left behind his beloved wife and switched places with the two heroes once again. Catwoman decided that the next time The Gentle Man wanted a break, she would join Batman and Wonder Woman in battle.[2]


  • Augmented Physiology: The Gentle Man appears an ordinary human, however by some effect appears to have various abilities granted by some outside force
    • Enhanced Longevity: The Gentle Man despite having battled creatures for very long periods of time with no apparent signs of physical aging.




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