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Quote1.png These are the pitiless ones from behind the invisible rainbow. Opposite of everything natural. Quote2.png

The Gentry is a group of powerful beings led by The Empty Hand with the mission to make the Multiverse mirror their horror. They hail from a place outside of the Multiverse, said to be the "opposite of everything natural".


Destroying Earth 7 to gain the attention of the last Monitor, they urged him to exchange the life of that universe's last survivor for his; a bargain he accepted. He sent that survivor, the Thunderer, to board the Ultima Thule and get help from the rest of the universes and then come back for him.

However, the Monitor and his partner were inevitably corrupted by The Gentry.[1]

With the aid of The Dark Monitor, these creatures successfully crossed the Orrery of Worlds and systematically corrupted the universes one by one. The Multiverse's only line of defense was the Monitor's House of Heroes, which was slowly growing stronger with new superheroes answering its call and joining the fray.

The Gentry took action and were in pursuit of the Monitor Satellite, using their Trojan Horses of Earth 42 to locate and destroy the united defenders,[2] with only some of them successfully reaching a safe world.

Ultimately, The Dark Monitor himself was sent to eliminate the resistance gathered on Earth 8 and clear the path for The Gentry to invade. A mission he partially succeeded since he was saved from The Gentry's control thanks to his partner Mister Stubbs, but was too late as the invaders already used his power to cross the door to the universe.

The rest of the superheroes managed to escape their persecutors and united their strength to repel The Gentry, but turns out the whole conflict was a mere test to gauge the Multiverse's power, a ruse designed by The Empty Hand in preparation for the real invasion which he declares will bring the end of the heroes' "never-ending story".

The Gentry established themselves on Earth 7 and are currently in the middle of the creation of a device called the Oblivion Machine.[3]



  • Anti-Death Equation: A power that twists and disfigures the fabric of reality,[1] it can revive deceased individuals and corrode living ones in a process called "Gentrification".[3]


  • Creator Grant Morrison noted in an interview that each member is "a villain archetype taken to the limit. Intellectron is the mastermind taken to the limit. Dame Merciless is the femme fatale taken to the demonic limit. Demogorgunn is the zombie horde taken to the limit, and so on through the rest of them. Lord Broken is the madhouse, Arkham Asylum taken to the limit."[4]

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