The Grail is a religious cult which Herr Starr leads a part of.


The Grail was established around the time of Jesus Christ by his apostle Thaddeus.[1] Since then, The Grail has played a huge part in all major world events, and would assassinate those they considered false prophets. Herr Starr, a promising recruit, underwent intense training exorcises and succeeded through unorthodox methods. After officially joining, Starr's first act was to push the then current Samson Unit leader Saltonstall off the balcony of the Grail's tower, becoming the leader himself.[2] When Herr Starr learned of the current messiah, Humperdoo, and his disabilities due to an inbred gene pool, he sought to overthrow the Grail and place Jesse Custer as the new messiah.[3]

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