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The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! was an animated television series with two segments: Hero High and Shazam!. There were several crossovers between the two segments, and Isis made a guest appearance in one of the Hero High segments. The series ran for one season from 1981-1982.


Season One[]

Hero High segments

Episode Air Date
"The Art of the Ballot" September 12, 1981
"What's News" September 19, 1981
"Rat Fink Rex" September 26, 1981
"Do the Computer Stomp" October 3, 1981
"Malt Shop Mayhem" October 10, 1981
"Boo Who" October 17, 1981
"Cover Twirl" October 24, 1981
"My Job Is Yours" October 31, 1981
"Girl of His Dreams" November 7, 1981
"The Not So Great Outdoors" November 14, 1981
"Off Her Rocker" November 21, 1981
"Follow the Litter" November 28, 1981
"Jog-a-long" December 5, 1981
"He Sinks Starships" December 12, 1981
"Starfire, Where Are You?" December 19, 1981
"The Captives" December 26, 1981
"High Rise Hijinx" January 2, 1982
"Track Race" January 9, 1982
"A Clone of His Own" January 16, 1982
"Game of Chance" January 23, 1982
"The Umpire Strikes Back" January 30, 1982
"The Human Fly" February 6, 1982
"Big Bang Theory" February 13, 1982
"Law of the Pack" February 20, 1982
"A Fistful of Knuckles" February 27, 1982
"The Blow-Away Blimp" March 6, 1982

Shazam! segments

Episode Air Date
"Who's Who at the Zoo" September 1, 1981
"The Incredible Sinking City" September 24, 1981
"Best Seller" October 5, 1981
"Flight 601 Has Vanished" October 20, 1981
"Black Adam's Return"
"Menacing Family Affair"
"Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day"
"A Little Something Extra"
"The Airport Caper"
"Mister Atom, the Smasher"
"The Circus Plot"
"Star Master and the Solar Mirror"


  • Although the Shazam segment is directly based on the Fawcett character, it is not known whether this Marvel Family began their careers during the 1940s or if they were stuck in suspendium; It seems that they began their heroic acts in more recent times.

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