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This paperback collects the The Kingdom storyline. It was originally published in the New Year's Evil: Gog one-shot in February, 1998, and in its own comic book mini-series The KIngdom and in five The Kingdom one-shots in February, 1999. The storyline was written by Mark Waid.

In this story the young boy who survived the holocaust that consumed the farmlands of Kansas has grown up and judged Superman at fault for the destruction that he lived through. Using newly granted powers, Gog has set out on a mission to remove Superman from existence throughout all of time. Now it is up to the children of Batman (Ibn al Xu'ffasch), Robin (Mar'i Grayson), Flash (Kid Flash), and Plastic Man (Luke O'Brian) to work together to save the Man of Steel and the world from the madman's quest.


This paperback collects the following comic books:


  • The Superman seen at the beginning of Never-Ending Slaughter and at the end of Mighty Rivers is probably intended at the time to be either the Golden Age Superman who entered the paradise dimension with his wife, Superboy-Prime, and Alexander Luthor Jr. at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, or simply a Superman of an alternate reality in Hypertime.
  • Other figures seen in Hypertime in Mighty Rivers include characters from the Tangent universe (like the Joker, the Flash, and Power Girl) as well as from various Elseworld stories. The figure of Black Zero would appear in the Superboy "Hyper-Tension" storyline ((Superboy (Volume 4) #60 #64) as the main villain who is out to destroy Superboy in the various alternate realities.
  • Also in Mighty Rivers, Red Son Superman makes a cameo in Hypertime prior to his full appearance in Superman: Red Son.
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Kingdom Come Continuity Storyline/Crossover
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Kingdom Come was a four-issue limited series published in 1996 under DC's Elseworlds imprint. Like all Elseworlds, this series was set in an alternate reality outside that of the mainstream DC Universe (in this case, Earth-96/Earth-22/Earth 22). However, several elements and characters were later introduced in the mainstream universe.
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