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The Mad Science of Dr. Atom was one of the realities that were created by Auteur.io and stored into his Archive of Worlds.


In this universe, Lex Luthor became a mad scientist called "Dr. Atom".

Deeming this world unable to achieve perfection, Auteur.io decided to destroy it so he sent a demonic army from another universe to this reality: as the demons brought the Apocaplyse to this world, Dr. Atom could do nothing to save his universe so he was forced to leave it behind and travel through the realities, discovering that his home reality was just a small part of the so-called Archive of Worlds on the "reality behind all realities.[1]

After Dr. Atom was captured by a Superman and a Batman from alternate universes, the mad scientist revealed his identity to them and recalled the death of his reality because of Auteur.io's order.[1] Later, Dr. Atom escorted Superman and Batman to the Archive of Worlds where they discovered the existence of Auteur.io who referred to the alternate Luthor's reality as "The Mad Science of Dr. Atom".[2]



  • Although it was never mentioned, as Dr. Atom wore a Kryptonite-powered jewel and possessed a serum, which later turned Bruce Wayne into Bizarro Two-Face, it is very possible that versions of Superman and Bizarro also existed in this reality.

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