"The Story of the Century!": Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White assigns Lois Lane to get an interview with Superman.

Quote1.png Relax, Lois. Relax. You were beaten to it, that's all. Happens to the best reporters. Used to happen to me all the time. And you might as well take a good look at the fella who got the Superman story ahead of you. He's joined the Planet staff, as of today. Lois Lane, meet Clark Kent! Quote2.png
Perry White

The Man of Steel #2 is an issue of the series The Man of Steel (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1986.

Synopsis for "The Story of the Century!"

Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White assigns Lois Lane to get an interview with Superman.

Meanwhile, Superman is all over Metropolis rescuing citizens and foiling bank robberies. After a series of failed attempts to interview Superman, Lois decides to take a gamble and plunges her car into the harbor. Superman arrives and takes her home. She finally has the scoop on Superman only to find out she was beaten to the headline by the new reporter, Clark Kent.

Appearing in "The Story of the Century!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Chuck (Single appearance)
  • Guthrie (Single appearance)
  • Reagan (Single appearance)





  • This is the first Post-Crisis appearance of Lex Luthor. In the revised continuity, Lex Luthor is a corrupt businessman rather than an evil mad scientist. He made his last chronological appearance in a flashback in World of Metropolis #2.

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Post-Crisis Reboot
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After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a 19851986 maxiseries which completely reset the continuity of the entire DC Universe, all of DC's major characters and franchises needed to be updated to reflect the changes in the events of their lives. Multiple story arcs were put out to explain these rebooted versions of popular characters.

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