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"Enemy Mine...":
Lex Luthor Early 02

Lex Luthor swearing his threats to Superman.

Quote1 You've made a mistake, Superman. A big mistake. A potentially fatal mistake. I run this town, Superman. Metropolis belongs to me. The people are mine, to nurture, or destroy, as I see fit. And they've forgotten that. They've looked at you, with your costume, and your flashy super-human powers... and they've forgotten who their master is. Who is number one! And I intend to remind them, Superman. I'm going to show them you're nothing, Superman. A card-board cut-out. One day, very soon now, you're going to die, Superman. You're going to be destroyed and you'll know who's doing it. Everyone in Metropolis will know. But no one will ever be able to prove it. I'll not be arrested, Superman. Not ever again. Remember, Superman. You're a dead man. It's just a question of how soon! Quote2
Lex Luthor

The Man of Steel #4 is an issue of the series The Man of Steel (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1986.

Synopsis for "Enemy Mine..."

Lex Luthor Early 02

Lex Luthor swearing his threats to Superman.

Lois and Clark are guests at a party to be held on Luthor's luxury liner. Upon arriving, they are entertained by Luthor in his private chamber on the ship. When Luthor insinuates his desire of Lois, the latter is offended having some knowledge of Luthor's past. Lois refuses to be one of Luthor's trophy wives and decides to leave the ship.

She and Clark are then confronted by South American terrorists who promptly throw Clark overboard. As the terrorists are trying to cordon the hostages, Clark changes to Superman and lifts the liner ship which surprises everyone on board. This opens an opportunity for Lois to seize control and knock out the terrorists. Luthor then reveals that he allowed the terrorists to get on board just so that he could coax Superman to come and include him on his payroll. Superman refuses Luthor's offer and is deputized by Mayor Frank Berkowits to arrest him.

A few days later, Luthor confronts Superman and warns him of a day of reckoning.

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  • LexCorp Yacht


  • Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor was no longer a mad scientist but instead a power-hungry billionaire, "the most powerful man in Metropolis," who resented Superman's overshadowing presence. Instead of battling Superman directly, Lex would use hired minions and staff on his payroll or manipulate others to confront Superman, while employing various methods (bribery, plausible deniability, legal trickery, etc.) to ensure that none of the incidents could be conclusively linked to him.


  • Lois Lane mentions that it has been seventeen months, two weeks, four days and an odd number of hours since Clark beat her on the scoop on Superman.
  • Luthor admits to having oil fields in Venezuela.
  • As reveled in Superman Vol 2 1, the individual who took the photo of Superman as he was leaving the hospital is Emmet Vale, the same scientist who gave birth to Metallo.

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