"Man of Steel, Part 2": Two members of The Circle meet right after the destruction of Krypton. Appa Ali Apsa says it just happened, and Lord Gandelo argues planets don't "just" blow up. Apsa reiterates he

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The Man of Steel (Volume 2) #2 is an issue of the series The Man of Steel (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 2018. It was published on June 6, 2018.

Synopsis for "Man of Steel, Part 2"

Two members of The Circle meet right after the destruction of Krypton. Appa Ali Apsa says it just happened, and Lord Gandelo argues planets don't "just" blow up. Apsa reiterates he had no part in that tragey and argues that if Gandelo's theory is true, and Rogol Zaar ignored the Circle and destroyed Krypton, who knows what he'll do to them and their worlds if they look into the matter further. They should hope he killed himself with Krypton. But right now, he and Gandelo are guilty of being unable to foresee that disaster.

Present day in the Daily Planet. Gossip columnist Trish Q feels there's some juicy tale behind Lois Lane-Kent's absence, but nobody will tell anything, Perry White is annoyed and Clark Kent can't be found in anywhere.

Coast City. Superman is dismantling a giant robot built by Toyman. Toyman complains about the unfairness of it all: he left Metropolis and laid low for a while because he was sick of fighting Superman... and he angrily insists on his name being "THE Toyman", not plain "Toyman". Superman suggests him to stop commit crimes, and after swatting Toyman's laser-blasting spider-robots, asks what was he thinking, exactly. Toyman admits his plan seemed like a good idea a minute ago.

Green Lantern comes along to greet Superman. As encasing Toyman in a soundproof bubble, Hal Jordan remarks his friend looks distant lately and he failed to show up for the last League's meeting. Superman assures everything's okay but he's to leave right now. Superman abruptly heads off as Hal stares at him, worried.

Superman flies away, as recalling he and his family standing in the kitchen when a giant, armored figure teleported in. He streaks towards the Moon, makes a new crater and falls on his knees.

Meanwhile, on an alien bar located at the far end of the Vega system, a patron notices a Kryptonian symbol engraved on a trinket resting on the counter. The bartender says it's a reminder of the last time Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, dropped by. Rogol Zaar's glaring face is reflected off the pendant.

Superman is heading back to Metropolis, feeling guilty for blowing Hal off. He notices a new fire and immediately sets out to evacuate homeless people living there. Someone is burning down his city right in front of him.

Superman changes clothes and heads back to the Planet. Sadly, Perry isn't thrilled with his Toyman story. It's already everywhere online. Perry is depressed. Competition is tougher than ever since he started out, and some unknown party's apparently bought the Daily Planet out.

Trish barges in Perry's office to state whatever happened between Kent and Lois is the real exclusive. As Perry and Trish argue, Clark sees a newscaster reporting the Joker's newest rampage and heads off to stop it.

Meanwhile, Rogol Zaar is riding towards Earth.

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