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"Man of Steel, Finale": Past time. Neither Superman nor Lois want to let Jonathan go sightseeing the galaxy with his grandfather, but Jon argues he's seen another reality where h

Quote1.png You know... It's the sincerity that gets me! You're very sincere in your hate for me just because of who you think I am. The sincerity. I feel sad for you. Quote2.png

The Man of Steel (Volume 2) #6 is an issue of the series The Man of Steel (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2018. It was published on July 4, 2018.

Synopsis for "Man of Steel, Finale"

Past time. Neither Superman nor Lois want to let Jonathan go sightseeing the galaxy with his grandfather, but Jon argues he's seen another reality where he grows up to kill millions of people. Clark tries to appease his son by saying they can't get worried about every alternate timeline and possible future, but Jon argues back the Teen Titans rejected him because there's something wrong with him. He bursts into tears.

Present day. At the Earth's core, Superman catches Rogol Zaar planting a device to detonate the planet. Superman doesn't recognize the technology and asks where Rogol came from and what the symbol on his halberd means. Rogol ignores his questions and sneers Superman really has Earth people fooled. Superman switches tactics and says he finds his sincerity surprising: Rogol is very sincere in hating him just because of his biases. It's even sad.

His baiting works and Rogol charges him. Superman exploits Rogol's own momentum to throw him far from his planetary bomb. Then Superman grabs the device, digs his way through the terrestrial mantle, and streaks into space, aware that Rogol is hot on his heels. And he yet doesn't know how to destroy Rogol's device safely.

Past time. Jon argues he has to figure out what's wrong with him, and Jor-El is the only who seems to understand what is going on and offers a better solution than just ignoring it. Lois isn't convinced and asks where Jor-El wants to take him. Jor-El answers he wants to take his grandson across the galaxy. He thinks Jonathan needs a wider perspective than that Earth can offer, lovely world as it is. Lois yet doesn't want to allow it, but Jor-El offers to take the whole family with him. Clark and Lois are shocked, but Jon is delighted.

Lois comes to a decision. She just closed a two-book deal with a publisher. Her first book is about her journalistic career, but she gets to choose the second. She's decided the second will be about her galactic trip with Jon. Her son is overjoyed, but Clark gets upset. He doesn't want his family to leave. Lois doesn't like it either, but as soon as their son was born, they knew they'd have to make some tough choices. Jon thinks he needs this, and she needs to make sure he'll be fine.

Present day. Rogol Zaar has caught up with Superman. Superman struggles to keep him away the device, but he can't overpower him. Suddenly, Supergirl flies into the battle and shoulder-tackles Rogol.

Past time. Clark is visibly unhappy with the situation. His father assures he'll bring them back and it's for Jon's own good. Jor-El gives him a deep-space communicator to remain in touch with them, and asks him to speak his mind. Clark states Jor-El handled this poorly and now his house is in disarray. Jor-El replies he merely and unintentionally proved is house was always in disarray. Clark replies he can raise his own son, but his father thinks that, as much as Clark does for the Earth's people, he and Jon can do greater things for them.

Present day. Both cousins battle Rogol Zaar beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Superman gets Rogol into position, and Supergirl switches the Phantom Zone Projector on. Rogol is banished, and only his axe is left. As Green Lantern arrives and wraps the planetary bomb in a protective energy bubble, Superman picks up the axe and ponders the number of unanswered questions they're left with.

Past time. Lois is packing her luggage. Clark doesn't want to be left alone but he can't go with them either, Lois states that Jon will go even if they don't so she has to. He hands his costume over to Lois, hoping that wearing his House's symbol will protect her out there, and telling her about the button inside the belt buckle which will make the uniform fit. Lois wonders what he'll wear, and Clark answers he'll figure something out.

Present day. Superman argues with Supergirl that they can't throw anything they don't like into the Phantom Zone. Kara agrees, but as far as she and Kryptonian laws are concerned, Rogol Zaar deserves it.

Kara adds she's leaving for a while in order to find out the truth about Rogol. Clark is worried, but his cousin states she'll be back... and so Lois and Jon will. Superman states he can't call them because the deep-space communicator broke in the battle. They don't know he can't call back. Supergirl assures she'll tell them if she sees them.

Superman and Supergirl finish making the memorial for Kandor. The Justice League shows up to mourn the murdered Kandorians.

Past time. Clark says goodbye to his family. He already feels alone.

Present day. A boy approaches Melody Moore and claims he saw Superman starting the fires.

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Jason Fabok confirmed via twitter the second-to-last scene where Clark Kent is grieving his family is an intentional homage to the last panel of Superman #423 during the Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

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