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The Movement started out in Coral City as a collective of misfits, unhappy with the city's corruption.


They showed themselves to the world as a hacker collective, Channel M, that spread news of malfeasance with its taunting slogan, "ICU". But it grew, building a grassroots support network in Coral City and providing resources and a home for people who otherwise would not have them.

After the Atlantean invasion, the Movement made a bold public move, taking control of the impoverished area of Coral City between 10th Street and 20th Street, the 'Tweens. Police efforts to retake the area were stymied by institutional apathy, public dislike, and the Movement's superhuman vigilantes.

The Movement talk a big game. Already groups inspired by them have popped up in metropoli around the world.



  • Mask: People who wish to be identified as members of Channel M wear the group's signature silver mask, which protects against official recognition


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