"With No Hint of Malice": Virtue leads the two captured Coral City Police Officers Joseph Witt and Luis Peña to the headquarters of the organization she belongs to. This

Quote1 The cops know something about the killer. They're letting the slaugher happen. Someone's got them leashed. And I'm going to rock his world. Quote2

The Movement #2 is an issue of the series The Movement (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2013. It was published on June 5, 2013.

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Synopsis for "With No Hint of Malice"

Virtue leads the two captured Coral City Police Officers Joseph Witt and Luis Peña to the headquarters of the organization she belongs to. This headquarters was once a garment factory where immigrants were overworked, under the radar without any rights. When production slacked, the women who worked there were locked inside. By a freak accident, a mudslide buried the building and the trapped women inside it. No efforts were made to rescue them.

There, the officers are surprised to encounter the same girl they had tried to sexually assault the previous night, who slaps Whitt across the face, still enraged by his actions. Virtue pushes the policemen along, locking them in a cell, with the warning that while these young people can't do much to keep them there, her friend Tremor can make their hearts explode with a touch. While Peña begins to show remorse, Whitt silences him and points out the irony of the fact that they are being locked away in much the same way that the women who died in that factory were. This comment takes Virtue aback, but her attention is diverted when Vengeance Moth appears with news that Mouse's mental deterioration is becoming a problem.

Virtue finds Mouse in anguish, as one of his favourite rats, Trouncer, has died. She tries to comfort him to the best of her ability, but her resolve in doing so wavers when he suggests that he feels strongly tempted to eat the dead creature.

Elsewhere, Captain Meers recovers with his remaining police force, with Eric Yee reporting that all of his men are accounted for except Whitt and Peña. While Yee is adamant that they should return to the 'Tweens neighbourhood to get them back, Meers reminds that the wave of rats, and the earthquake that swallowed two police cruisers they faced there should be approached with more caution - and more firepower.

Meanwhile, Virtue calls to order a meeting with her friends, where they express some concern as to whether her plan will work. Tremor is sure that the police will come back for Whitt and Peña, and Katharsis is insistent that they send a message by returning the policemen - but not before leaving their mark on them. Virtue isn't eager to let her bring more violence, and in the process of their argument, Katharsis draws attention to their new member, Burden, whom Virtue has invited to join them because he has great power - unfortunately, he can't control it, because that power is the result of a demonic possession. To end the dispute, Tremor warns that she will quit entirely if any more harm comes to the policemen. She had thought they would simply film them making a confession of their misdeeds. Frustrated, Katharsis accuses Tremor of being a traitor, reminding that they have a leak in their organization who is feeding information to the so-called Cornea Killer. In anger, she leaves, intending to find the killer on her own.

Katharsis breaks into the penthouse of James Cannon, the man who unofficially runs Coral City. Both the Mayor's office and the police are under his thumb. She leaps at him, growling that three different investigative teams were assigned and then removed from the Cornea Killer case, meaning that the orders came from him. Shoving her aside, Cannon has his two scantily clad women pull guns on Katharsis, and encourages them to shoot her.

Embarking on their own investigation, Virtue and the others pay a visit to the witch. Unfortunately, they soon find themselves surrounded in ambush. Their attackers warn that uninvited guests do not get in to see the witch, and nor do they get away with their lives. The thugs are no match for their abilities, though.

Katharsis, meanwhile, manages to take out the two girls, but Cannon has a gang of heavily armed police in to take their place, and she is soon overcome. When one of them asks why she would pull a sword on cops, she spits that she is a cop.

The thugs go running when the so-called Weather Witch appears, also known as Rainmaker


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