"The Graveyard Faction, Part One: An Alliance of Sinew": James Cannon is met with consternation when he presents the news of the growing movement in Coral City that has seen the police department - and Mr. Cannon himself - attacked and threatened. Mrs. Smythe w

Quote1 It's Calvin's. I'd meet Stalin in stocking feet if there were donuts and milk shakes involved, Captain Meers. Quote2

The Movement #5 is an issue of the series The Movement (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2013. It was published on October 2, 2013.

Appearing in "The Graveyard Faction, Part One: An Alliance of Sinew"

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Synopsis for "The Graveyard Faction, Part One: An Alliance of Sinew"

James Cannon is met with consternation when he presents the news of the growing movement in Coral City that has seen the police department - and Mr. Cannon himself - attacked and threatened. Mrs. Smythe warns that her organization hoped to remain under the radar in Coral City, and if these kids intend to film their every step, they'd be better off pulling out altogether. However, Cannon warns that they would have nowhere to go. The movement is growing, with offshoots as far away as Beijing.

Meanwhile, Captain Meers of the Coral City Police Department is surprised to see that Virtue has agreed to his proposed meeting at a local doughnut shop, albeit, without her mask. She seems not to care that he can see her face, but she is surprised when he warns her not to go through with the trial she and her friends have planned for the two policemen they have been holding captive. He explains that he has sources, and he has only come to help her people. More than just the police were annoyed by their efforts, and they will be bringing superhuman help to fight them. In exchange for her cooperation, Meers offers a civilian review board for claims of police malfeasance and patrols will return to the 'Tweens with the option of civilian ride-alongs.

Virtue dunks her doughnut into her milkshake, warning that these moves won't make the Captain popular with his own men. Begrudgingly, he admits that he agrees that the police are meant ot work for the people, and besides, he isn't sure that a kid like her can protect that many people by herself, regardless of her power. Virtue reads his emotions, and sees hope, explaining that she wants to trust him. He warns that she has to trust the fact that the enemies her group have brought on themselves may be killers. She needs to stop the trial, and stay underground for a while. Getting up, Virtue confesses that she can't stop the trial; it has already begun.

Vengeance Moth calls the room to order, introducing Katharsis as the prosecutor, while Tremor is the advocate for the defence. She then asks Officers Peña and Whitt for their pleas. Whitt remains stonily silent, but Peña surprises by pleading guilty - to Whitt's dismay. Peña explains that they were idiots, and they did a bad thing without thinking, offering his apology. The girl whom they had assaulted cries out that an apology won't do.

Meers returns to his car where Officer Yee is waiting, handing the man a cellphone. Meers explains that he hired a wino to take photos of Virtue while they spoke. He has determined from the fact that she paid in small bills and loose change that she probably works for tips, suggesting a diner or chain restaurant. He has Yee enlarge the photos, and work on finding out who she is - quietly.

Tremor defends her clients' character by questioning them about their commendations for bravery. Peña had earned two such awards, and Whitt had earned four. The last of these was for rescuing a four-year-old girl from a burning car at great risk to his person. Though this is true, Katharsis demands to know how it excuses harassing a minor. Whitt becomes angry, and again, Peña tries to explain that they are human, and made a mistake. Police men in Coral City face discrimination and hatred regardless of their conduct. Besides all that, Peña simply states again that he is sorry for what they did. Whitt, however, warns that he will say no more to defend himself. He simply wants whatever punishment the Movement intends. Vengeance Moth agrees to recess the trial for the jury to deliberate.

Meanwhile, Mouse struggles with the process of writing a love letter to Tremor, whom he hopes will return his feelings. Soon, though, his rats bring him word that the Cornea Killer has struck again.

Vengeance Moth's demeanour softens during the recess, and she promises to order the two officers some Thai food in the meantime. Whitt, however, is certain that these terrorists intend to kill them; make examples of them. Against Peña's protestation, he decides it's time to escape, and shoves Vengeance Moth out of her wheelchair. Awkwardly, Peña offers to help her back up, but instead, she turns with an unearthly glow in her eyes, menacingly warning Whitt that he shouldn't have done that.

Mouse and his rats hurry to rescue a woman from the Cornea Killer, arriving just in time, thanks to the killer's sympathy for a catholic's need to pray. Despite Mouse's intervention, he finds himself quite outmatched, as the killer calls him undesirable filth, and turns his knife toward him.

As Vengeance Moth rises from the ground on wings of some kind of energy, Whitt is tackled by Katharsis, who is enraged that he turned to knocking girls out of wheelchairs. Meanwhile, Burden watches, unsure of which side to take. As Katharsis prepares to run Whitt through with her sword, she loses her balance when Tremor causes the floor to shake violently beneath her feet. Hurriedly, Tremor warns Peña and Whitt to run out through the tunnel behind her. Katharsis is further enraged by Tremor's actions, calling her a traitor to the Movement. Coldly, Tremor responds that if this is what the Movement does, she doesn't want to be in it.

The Cornea Killer grins, warning that he and his friends have paid for Coral City, and they've brought in some new groundskeepers, to keep the filth like the Movement out. He introduces the Graveyard Faction - a group of metahumans hired to oppose the Movement.


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