"The Graveyard Faction, Part Two: Hell in a Handbasket": Having just caught Tremor allowing the Movement's prisoners to escape through the system of tunnels connected to their hideout, Katharsis is enraged, sure that her

Quote1 You're not a judge, Kulap. You're not an executioner. Quote2
-- Tremor

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Synopsis for "The Graveyard Faction, Part Two: Hell in a Handbasket"

Having just caught Tremor allowing the Movement's prisoners to escape through the system of tunnels connected to their hideout, Katharsis is enraged, sure that her teammate is a traitor. Tremor, though, is staunch in her position, and prepares to defend herself. The fight, though, threatens everyone's safety. Vengeance Moth warns the people the group swore to protect to get to safety, hoping to stop the fight herself. Meanwhile, in order to prevent Tremor from using her powers, Katharsis flies her high into the air, and drops her. Fortunately, Vengeance Moth uses her abilities to cushion Roshanna's fall. It takes a stern word from Virtue to actually stop the fight, threatening that both will be kicked out if they can't put an end to their dispute.

Virtue senses fear within Tremor, realizing that she was afraid that Katharsis would let herself become a murderer. Roshanna confirms that she joined the Movement in order to help people who needed help - people like Burden, who is tortured constantly by a demon hiding within him. Meanwhile, the Cornea Killer remains at large. The mock trial for two dirty cops that they had planned should have taken a back seat to issues like those. Turning her attention to Burden, Virtue endeavours to help him - even if it means performing an exorcism. In the meantime, she orders Katharsis and Tremor to resolve their differences over ice cream at Calvin's.

In the tunnels, Officers Whitt and Peña are unsure of whether anyone is actually chasing them, they've run for so long. Still, a light up ahead reveals that they have discovered the old subway system. Whitt warns his partner to remember every landmark in order to get some reinforcements, and bring them back to the Movement's hideout. Peña is less eager to get revenge than he is to just be free.

Mouse, meanwhile, has just encountered the Cornea Killer, who has brought with him a gang of super-villains-for-hire called the Graveyard Faction. Though he is at a disadvantage against four super-powered thugs and the Cornea Killer, Mouse is the Prince of Rats, and he never comes to a fight alone.

As Virtue and Vengeance Moth prepare for Burden's exorcism, Virtue privately explains that the whole thing is a placebo. Burden believes that his mutation is the effect of a demon inside him, and his father made him undergo several exorcisms. Virtue, though, has different methods. She prepares to use her abilities on him, and requests some water from Vengeance Moth - who only has vitamin water. Taunting her, Burden's possessed form begins claiming that her father is in hell. Angrily, Virtue insists that her father was a good man, bluffing that the water she now holds is holy water as she dumps it on his face. Yellow energy begins to surround them as Burden's fear grows more intense. Carefully, Virtue absorbs that energy into herself, essentially exorcising Burden of his real demon - his fear. Christopher is, finally, saved.

Elsewhere, James Cannon leaves the office late, and finds himself caught in a single rain-cloud, just for him. He realizes with horror why this is happening as he is greeted by his son - the Cornea Killer.

In the meantime, Katharsis and Tremor have discovered that ice cream is the greatest possible panacea. Kulap admits that she is hotheaded, but as an honest cop, she finds it hard not to hate a dirty cop. Cops are supposed to represent justice. Roshanna concedes that the impulse is understandable, but with so many people following them, they must both set a positive example. They agree to a truce, and leave Calvin's as friends, but they are horrified to discover that Mouse's beaten and bruised body has been hung up from a nearby lamppost. The Graveyard Faction had made an example of him.


  • This book was first published on November 6, 2013.
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