"Whistling Past the Graveyard": At the Coral City Police Department, Officer Erik Yee is all that stands between The Movement and an angry gang of corrupt policemen led by Joseph Whitt, who has only just

Quote1.png You all get to leave Coral City. That's the good news. Bad news is... if you ever come back? I will bury your soul so deep you'll think Hell is a mile above you. Go. Now. Quote2.png

The Movement #8 is an issue of the series The Movement (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2014. It was published on January 8, 2014.

Synopsis for "Whistling Past the Graveyard"

At the Coral City Police Department, Officer Erik Yee is all that stands between The Movement and an angry gang of corrupt policemen led by Joseph Whitt, who has only just escaped from the Movement's headquarters. Whitt is intent on getting revenge, and despite the fact that Yee is as much in the pocket of big business as the others, he insists that he is a good cop, and won't let them pass. Whitt is the tougher man, though, and punches him out.

Meanwhile at the Sweatshop, Vengeance Moth struggles to climb back into her wheelchair, with the knowledge that a gang called the Graveyard Faction has been sent to destroy the Movement. Fortunately - or not - she managed to manipulate Burden into releasing the demon inside of him, and the Graveyard Faction will have trouble contending with that power. They begin to rally, though, and Vengeance Moth doubts Christopher will be able to hold them off much longer. They have forgotten, though, that she is still there. Vengeance Moth singles out Anguish as the one whom the others seem to be taking orders from, and uses her apparent vulnerability to sneak-attack her.

Elsewhere, Virtue is forced to cancel her date with Rainmaker in favour of looking after Mouse, who was injured badly in his fight with the Graveyard Faction. Though she is disappointed - she wore a skirt for the occasion - Sarah wishes Mouse well.

Captain Meers, in the meantime, receives a call from Officer Fricks warning of the hunting party led by Whitt that is surely to boil over soon - notwithstanding Yee's taking a beating to prevent it. Worriedly, he warns her to stay put while he catches up. In the meantime, Whitt has beaten Yee to bleeding, and it comes as a surprise to Whitt when both Fricks and his partner, Luis Peña stand with Yee to stop them from going to the Sweatshop. Righteously, Luis explains that he requested a new partner earlier that morning.

Anguish wakes from having been knocked unconscious filled with rage. She threatens to kill Vengeance Moth, only to learn that while she was unconscious, Vengeance Moth destroyed the jammer preventing her from calling out to her friends. Anguish is distracted from doing anything about it, though, when it becomes clear that Pallas' attacks against Burden are beginning to weaken the foundations, and given that they are a hundred feet under ground, they could easily get buried alive. With the roof coming down, Vengeance Moth remembers how her doctor once diagnosed her with a fear of being buried alive, and hopes her message to Virtue arrives in time.

At Mouse's bedside, Tremor is disturbed when he shows an unexpected burst of energy, and steals a kiss from her, expressing his undying love for her. Fortunately, this signifies his relative good health, and that they are all needed if they're going to save Vengeance Moth.

Virtue glides to the tunnels on a wave of fear, hoping Tremor can use her abilities to undo the cave-in that obstructs their rescue mission. Despite the pressing need to get to safety, Anguish is still hungry for revenge, and hangs back to attack Vengeance Moth's unconscious body. Fortunately, that is the moment when Katharsis flies into the tunnels and knocks Anguish off her feet. This reignites the Graveyard Faction's bravado, despite the fact that the tunnels are still caving in.

While Tremor struggles to keep the roof up, Virtue borrows some of Vengeance Moth's fear, and channels it into Anguish, reducing her to a cowering mess. She turns then to the remainder of the Graveyard Faction and warns that while they will be allowed to leave Coral City, if they ever return, she will bury them.

Captain Meers arrives at his precinct before Whitt and his men have left, demanding to know what's happening. Regardless of Whitt's plans, Meers decides that the man is fired. Despite his weakened state, Yee warns that Whitt can't be dismissed for talking about committing a crime. However, assaulting another officer warrants an automatic dismissal, and Yee is the evidence, not to mention the security camera on the wall. With that, Meers formally dismisses Whitt and orders that Yee be taken to hospital. Before he goes, though, Yee takes the Captain aside to report what he learned about Virtue: she can't exist. She's been dead for six years.

With their ordeal over, the Movement wonders what their role is. Are they heroes now? Perhaps it is a role they can settle into.

Meanwhile, Coral City receives a visit from Batgirl

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