"A Thundering Horizon": Batgirl is in Coral City on the hunt for a man called Reese whom she tracked all the way from Gotham City. Having seen Coral City, now, she misses Gotham. Upon finding him, she warns that she's going to bring him in, but he res

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The Movement #9 is an issue of the series The Movement (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2014. It was published on February 5, 2014.

Synopsis for "A Thundering Horizon"

Batgirl is in Coral City on the hunt for a man called Reese whom she tracked all the way from Gotham City. Having seen Coral City, now, she misses Gotham. Upon finding him, she warns that she's going to bring him in, but he resists, warning that she should have left him alone. Unexpectedly, he knocks her back with a blast of solar energy.

Meanwhile, Virtue is having difficulties convincing Mouse to bathe himself. Recently, he expressed romantic feelings for Tremor, and Virtue is sure that if he intends to court her, he will need to smell less like sewage. Channelling violet energy, Virtue convinces him to at least hop in the shower, but is distressed to learn that Jayden doesn't know how to use Shampoo, requiring that she get physically involved in the process.

When Batgirl regains consciousness, she realizes that she has been surrounded by people wearing masks, warning her to leave Reese alone. They won't let her pass, claiming that cops aren't welcome in the 'Tweens. Despite claiming that she isn't a cop, they won't let her pass, and Reese escapes.

After cleaning Mouse up, and putting him in a suit, Virtue runs into resistance when she tries to put some shoes on him. She reminds that she knows Tremor well enough to know that she would prefer a man in nice shoes. Soon enough, Tremor is interrupted from her attempts to repair the Movement's underground home by Mouse's announcement that he wrote her something. He begins to read a heartfelt, if poorly written, letter asking her to go on a date with him, and apologizing that his rats ate the majority of the chocolates he brought for her. Hearing Roshanna's screams from further down the tunnels, Virtue muses that this is what comes of the Movement's dirtiest member falling for its most obsessively germ-phobic member. The moment is ruined, however, when Vengeance Moth warns that Coral City is seeing its first real superhero.

Realizing that she can't go to the police in Coral City, Batgirl understands that she has to go to the real authority in the city, and to do that, she must first go see Pastor Mike. She enters the Angel's Hand Presbyterian Church, and begs him to let her speak to the Movement. Almost immediately, Virtue appears, riding on green energy, demanding to know what Batgirl wants. Barbara responds that she would love to leave Coral City, but first she needs to see that Reese Cahill be brought back to Gotham to face justice. Virtue responds that they don't give citizens up to cops, but Batgirl warns that if they don't, she might make a point of staying in Coral City to dig up dirt on the Movement. Before Virtue can respond, though, Katharsis steps through the church door, and announces that it's time for a rematch. They had met previously when Katharsis worked for Knightfall in Cherry Hill.

Rather than intervene, Virtue decides to let the two tire each other out. While pinned to the ground, Batgirl kicks out, hitting Katharsis hard in the gut, knocking the wind out of her. Instantly, she feels guilty for hitting so hard, having not wanted to hurt anyone. Taking this opportunity to step in, Virtue has Mouse send his rats to surround Batgirl, and warns that if she intends to attack again, the rats will carry her back to Gotham, otherwise, it is time for doughnuts and milkshakes.

Meanwhile, at the Coral City Police Department, Captain Meers listens as Erik Yee explains what he knows about Virtue. Until recently, she was presumed dead. At the age of eleven, she'd been having seizures for her whole life, and finally, one of them took her life. Her father became depressed and attempted suicide-by-cop in a fake bank-robbery. He succeeded, having been shot by Captain Meers himself. Somehow, Virtue survived, and Erik thinks she's been stalking the man who shot her father.

Over hot doughnuts, Katharsis explains that she left Knightfall's Disgraced after she witnessed Ricky Gutierrez getting his leg amputated to teach him a lesson. As mean as she was, Katharsis knew that was evil, and she didn't want to be a part of it. Vengeance Moth catches Batgirl staring at her, and Barbara has to swallow her own feelings about the time she was confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately, Virtue redirects her attention to Reese Cahill. She explains that he has been playing at vigilante in Gotham, but his powers are too dangerous. He killed two thugs and injured two others, because he couldn't control them. Virtue listens, but insists that this is something they should be dealing with. Batgirl insists that she will be bringing Reese in, and so, Katharsis punches her lights out. Virtue explains that they will need her for leverage, and orders her friends to take Batgirl back to the Sweatshop, where they will remove her cowl and find out who she is.

Nearby, two cops stuck on a beat in the 'Tweens are begrudgingly doing their duty when they hear a voice from an alley. Before they can even investigate, Reese unleashes a blast of solar energy, and burns them to death. As he walks away, Reese insists that he is a hero, and they should have seen that.

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