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"Trinity War Preview": Centuries in the past, the story opens with a narration by a weeping woman, telling the story of how when humans first discovered magic, the first to do so felt it was their responsibility to protect humanity and punish those who would harm it. An

The New 52: FCBD Special Edition #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of June, 2012.

Synopsis for "Trinity War Preview"

Centuries in the past, the story opens with a narration by a weeping woman, telling the story of how when humans first discovered magic, the first to do so felt it was their responsibility to protect humanity and punish those who would harm it. An imposing man flanked by several other mages speaks to three people before him, telling them that they have been summoned to the Rock of Eternity to be judged for their crimes against humanity. He calls them the Trinity of Sin, as they are the greatest offenders in human history. A man in blue robes begs for forgiveness as the wizard proclaims their sentence shall be for eternity each. Rebuffing his please for forgiveness, he tosses several pieces of silver at the man. As the metal forms a necklace around his neck, his hair and eyes turn white. The wizard states that he will walk the world as a "stranger to man, as a witness to what greed can do" before making him disappear. Upon asking who will be sentenced next, another man proclaims that he will not beg the wizards for forgiveness and that, unless they kill him, he will return for vengeance. In response, another wizard states that he will forget his name and everyone else, making his face become featureless before causing him to disappear. At last, the wizards address the woman (referred to as Pandora), asking if she has anything to say before her sentence. She meekly replies that she does not know what she did wrong. In anger, the wizards proclaim that she opened The Box, unleashing tragedy and torment upon the world. Crying, she says she does not want to be evil before the wizards banish her as well. She remarks that she was sentenced to an eternity of loneliness and pain and of being told she is evil for opening a box.

In the Red Room and the present, several scientists (one of them Silas Stone) are looking over the remains of an android, presumably Amazo. A computer states that lockdown is occurring, prompting Doctor Stone to state that some has been interfering with the Red Room's collected technology and forcing inactive machinery to turn on. Another scientist, referred to as Sarah Thomas, says that Silas' son Victor, now the hero Cyborg, is needed to figure out the source of the problem. Stone responds that Victor has been ignoring his calls, prompting Thomas to criticize Stone's treatment of his son; as of late, he has been more interested in seeing the machine his son is than the man he's become. Silas counters that, if the technology used to save Victor's life had existed ten years ago, his wife would still be alive. Their conversation is interrupted by another scientist, stating he'd gotten a monitor working that would show them images from another universe. Sure enough, on the screen is images of the Earth 2 Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and The Flash before the link dies. Pandora is seen in the background walking away, saying what she needed was not there.

Inside A.R.G.U.S., Steve Trevor mentions to Etta Candy how the Justice League recently defeated Professor Ivo's android, the same one seen in The Red Room. Etta argues that, despite this, they still caused millions of dollars worth of property damage during the battle, Trevor laughing it off as the fault of Green Arrow, a story they spread to keep the League's reputation clean. Candy mentions that they had lost track of the super-human teens in Alaska, their increasing information on Talia al Ghul's recruitment, and that Trevor's sister had called to ask him to come to dinner. He responds with, "Maybe," which prompts Etta to remind him he's cancelled on her every time she'd asked. He argues that he's simply too busy most of the time, changing his answer to, "Probably," to appease her. He notices a book on the table (the same written by David Graves), Candy saying it arrived that morning with no return address, fingerprints, or DNA to speak of. Their conversation is interrupted when a voice on the intercom alerts them that someone has broken into the Black Room again.

Rushing in with a group of armed guards, Trevor confronts Pandora. She lifts a tarp off a case before drawing a gun at the men. She remarks that the his collection is impressive, but what she has found belongs to her. Firing at the men, her magic bullets disorient the men long enough for her to shoot the lock off the case and grab the Box. Trevor attempts a counterattack with his men, but Pandora escapes too quickly. Angered, Trevor remarks that the Room should have prevented her from using magic inside it, while a voice remarks that Doctor Stone reported a cyber attack on the Red Room. He orders all the Rooms to be locked down, mentioning one called "The Circus" being of greatest importance. He then demands the presence of Doctor Mist, Black Orchid, and John Constantine. One guard remarks that they should call the Justice League, though Trevor cryptically replies that, "It's just a matter of time before this ALL comes crashing down."

Elsewhere, Pandora marvels at the Box, remarking that, this time, she is aware of what she's dealing with, and that it must be dealt with, even if it were to mean the end of the Justice League. In the near future, Batman is seen in possession of the Box, trying to escape from a green chain. Ensnared, the new Green Lantern smugly states that he's not of afraid of Batman, only to have acid sprayed in his face as Batman remarks that he may be Green Lantern, but he's no Hal Jordan. Unaffected, he says that he lied to them, and so did the rest of the Justice League; the war happening now was their fault. Superman flies in, smashing Green Lantern in the face with a stone pillar, saying he should worry about him instead of Batman. Behind them all, numerous heroes and villains do battle.

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