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"Futures End - Chapter 10": In Metropolis, Superman seeks escaped criminal Ethan Boyer in one of his abandoned labs. Instead of Boyer, he finds Lois Lane who reminds that it was he who told her t

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Fifty Sue

The New 52: Futures End #10 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 9, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 10"

In Metropolis, Superman seeks escaped criminal Ethan Boyer in one of his abandoned labs. Instead of Boyer, he finds Lois Lane who reminds that it was he who told her that the lab had been abandoned in the first place, so his search is futile. He shrugs it off, and flies away to continue his search, filling Lois with doubts.

At the Wounded Duck Bar, Terry McGinnis insinuates himself into the plan to break into Terrifitech by Coil, Plastique, and Key. They distrust him until he admits that he is the mysterious Batman who has already broken into Terrifitech once already. Key remains suspicious, and becomes aggressive, prompting Terry to knock him unconscious with a deft move. As he approaches the bar to get a rag to clean up Key's spilled drink, the bartender, Cal Corcoran warns that he recognized the variation of the Tonga Death Strike that Terry used, and he knows the man who came up with the deathless variation. Terry feigns ignorance, and urges the others to adjourn their planning to somewhere else.

Later that night, Cal catches his girlfriend Madison rifling through his drawers in his apartment above the bar, and complains that she still seems to believe Lois Lane's accusations that he was Red Robin. He reminds that the Teen Titans' deaths are common knowledge, and urges her to live in the now - where he has brought her a gift. He gives her a necklace, commenting that he knows she lost most of her jewellery when her father went to prison.

In the Huron System, Amethyst marvels at how quickly Hawkman's arm has healed since it was removed by Ray Palmer. Morosely, he remarks that he wishes the rest of Stormwatch were so lucky as to have the Nth Metal that healed him. Amethyst tries to counsel him against blaming himself for their deaths, admitting that she had felt some survivor's guilt when Gemworld was destroyed. Angrily, he responds that he's not feeling sorry for himself, he merely wants revenge. Responding with indignation, Amethyst warns him never to take that tone with her again, or she'll cut his beak off. Smiling, he remarks that he finds her attitude attractive. Before she can respond, the beep of Hawkman's Stormwatch emergency communicator signals that, maybe, one of his teammates did survive.

On Cadmus Island, Cole Cash takes stock of all that's happened to him. He has learned that the island is being used as a prison for superhumans from Earth 2, and that he has been recruited to join Slade Wilson and Fifty Sue in finding more of them. Unexpectedly, he is attacked in his room by someone who is wearing some kind of cloaking device. The invisible assailant beats him to within an inch of his life, and disappears. Fifty Sue - who is no fan of his - comments that someone else seems to want him dead. His attacker was an OMAC, though unlike any she's ever seen. Cheerfully, she comments that the pair of them can bond while they try to solve the mystery of who it is that wants him dead.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Jane Kirby spots a woman staring at her at the shelter she volunteers at. As she walks home that night, she spots the same woman, and grabs her, demanding to know what she wants. The woman explains that she is a friend. Her name is Emiko, who explains that she knows who Jane really is, and where she really comes from. And right now, she needs a hero, and the hero she needs is Barda.

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