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"Futures End - Chapter 13": At the Wounded Duck Bar, a mugger attempts to rob Cal Corcoran's cash register at gunpoint. Knowing he can't do much to stop the man in front of Madison Payne, Cal empties the cash drawer and shoves t

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The New 52: Futures End #13 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 30, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 13"

At the Wounded Duck Bar, a mugger attempts to rob Cal Corcoran's cash register at gunpoint. Knowing he can't do much to stop the man in front of Madison Payne, Cal empties the cash drawer and shoves the money in front of the man. Unfortunately, he turns his attention to Madison, and steals the necklace from around her neck before making a run for it. Sadly, Madison mourns the loss of the only piece of jewellery she had - and Cal had given it to her. Angrily, Cal promises to get her a new one.

Late at night, Michael Holt reflects on the argument he'd had earlier that day with his friend Marlene. He had declared the new Batman an alien, and opened old wounds and prejudices to serve his purposes, despite all the work he'd done to champion the rights of all citizens of both worlds, since the war. Wandering into the labs of Terrifitech, The AI in his building senses that something is troubling him. Michael admits that he is afraid of the cyborg body he recovered when he confronted the Batman in the park. It represences a leap in cybernetic technology that shouldn't exist yet. Every element of its construction is man-made. The only option is to confront the new Batman and ask him about it. He had originally thought the Batman had come to steal the uSphere, but perhaps he was wrong. Whatever he wanted, though, the new Batman is a threat.

On Cadmus Island, Cole Cash and Fifty Sue sneak into the facility through an air duct, in hopes of finding answers about the stealth OMAC that had attacked Cole earlier. Sue explains that they are heading toward the subbasements, where they will confront some scientists and shake them down for answers. Confused, Cole wonders why Cadmus scientists would help. She responds that these aren't Cadmus scientists - they're Earth 2 scientists.

That night, Cal Corcoran seeks out the man who robbed his bar and beats him and his fence into submission, taking back the necklace he'd given Madison.

At Key's workshop, he warns that it was a bad idea to partner with the new Batman, since he has since become public enemy number one. Terry shows up moments later, assuring the assembled that he wasn't followed, and he wants to go over the schematics of Terrifitech again. Coil warns that they can't possibly pull the job off with his face all over the media. Annoyed, Terry resigns himself to pulling the job alone - which doesn't go over well, since it was their job to begin with. Without Terry noticing, Plastique launches an explosive paper airplane at him, and the blast knocks him unconscious.

After an uncomfortable encounter with a woman who knows her real identity Big Barda worries that someone will realize who she is and where she's from if she walks out in the open too much. Emiko admits that she knows little about the others from Barda's world. She does know that Barda didn't cross over alone. Barda admits that she was meant to be an escort on one of the civilian arcs that made it through from Earth 2, but she saw immediately how the war had made the refugees she had brought into invaders, in the eyes of this world. Knowing she'd never be free if anyone knew who she was, she had to kill her real identity and become Jane Kirby.

Emiko suggests that the other heroes aren't dead - they're just prisoners. Scott Free had managed to escape. In order to prove her claims, though, Emiko explains that they must first get to Metropolis and meet with Lois Lane. But without an Earth Card, there is no way they'll get across the Canadian border from Montreal. Emiko promises that she has a contact who can help.

However, before they get an answer at her contact's door, they are accosted by a little girl begging for help. She leads them down an alley way to where her father is supposed to be, but instead of her father they find Deathstroke. They were duped by Fifty Sue.

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