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"Futures End - Chapter 14": In Montreal, Barda and Emiko have just been confronted by Deathstroke and Fifty Sue, given the choice to surrender as an alternate Earth fugitive,

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The New 52: Futures End #14 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 6, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 14"

In Montreal, Barda and Emiko have just been confronted by Deathstroke and Fifty Sue, given the choice to surrender as an alternate Earth fugitive, or die. Barda is stronger than Slade expects, and she knocks him off his feet, prompting Sue to take the lead. Turning to Deathstroke, Emiko condemns him for working for Cadmus, thrusting an arrow-head through his lower jaw. Barda, meanwhile, tosses Sue up into the air, allowing Emiko to hit her with an explosive arrow, and giving them the chance to run for their lives.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Terry McGinnis has been knocked unconscious by his erstwhile co-conspirators in breaking into Terrifitech. Fortunately, his Batsuit initiates an adrenal boost, and wakes him up. Key, though, plans to shoot him, despite Plastique's suggestion that they keep him alive to help with the break-in, despite his identity. Both he and Coil believe that his high-profile break-in attempt will get them put in prison. Coil attempts to kill him using magnetic fields, prompting Plastique to warn she will kill them all if they don't cut it out. Grumpily, the men are confronted with the fact that they will have to die together or work together.

At Columbia University, Madison Payne leaves a meeting to find her boyfriend Cal Corcoran waiting for her outside. He teases her for getting so involved with causes as a means of dealing with her guilt for her father's actions, but gets serious when he returns the necklace that was stolen from her the night before. She is surprised that he managed to get the actual one that was stolen, and he lies that the police retrieved it, when it was actually him. Happily, she hugs him and insists that there must be such a thing as a happy ending.

Meanwhile, on Cadmus Island, Cole Cash crashes through a vent, into a hidden holding facility for non-powered scientists from Earth 2. One of the security OMACS attacks him immediately, requiring Fifty Sue to save him - to her chagrin. She then aggressively marches up to a pair of scientists and demands a confession of guilt. After killing one, the other admits that there are such things as stealth OMACS - in a manner of speaking.

Lois Lane sits in her office alone, trying to unravel the mystery of the box she received the day of Green Arrow's funeral. Inside it, there had been four seemingly unconnected items: a link to the Wounded Duck bar in New York City where she learned that the proprietor was once Red Robin; a red arrow she has not yet discovered the mystery of; a note that she had assumed contained coordinates, but turned up nothing; a small green triangular prism. when she touches this last, it suddenly begins glowing brilliantly, and projects images of heroes from Earth 2, and the trials they face. One of those she sees is a robot, whom she realizes is her in another life. Just as suddenly as it came to life, the prism drops to the floor, and Lois is left confused and frightened.

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