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"Futures End: Chapter 15": After weeks of looking, Superman finally catches up to Rampage in Metropolis. He demands that she tell him where Ethan Boyer is hiding, but she escapes him and thr

Quote1.png ...This angel is here for the same reason we are... to find the alien. Which means, for this planet's sake... we find 'im first. Quote2.png
John Constantine

The New 52: Futures End #15 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 13, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End: Chapter 15"

After weeks of looking, Superman finally catches up to Rampage in Metropolis. He demands that she tell him where Ethan Boyer is hiding, but she escapes him and threatens a bus-load of children. Reluctantly, he leaves her in order to save the bus, and by the time he gets them to safety, she is gone. Lois Lane, however, has arrived and wishes to speak in private. Sweeping her up to the top of a building, he asks what's on her mind.

She explains that she believes something bad is about to happen, something to do with Green Arrow's death. She explains how she received the mysterious package with cryptic clues inside - including the little pyramid that gave her a vision of some kind of prison. He admits it's weird, but doesn't seem too concerned. Troubled by his attitude, she wonders just why he's taken to wearing a mask. Rumours have been claiming that he's not the real Superman under there. She thinks that the war changed everyone, and he is no different.

Meanwhile, on a planet in the Huron System, Hawkman, Amethyst and Frankenstein have been imprisoned for weeks by robots apparently controlled by The Engineer. Frankenstein has been unresponsive since the initial attack, and Amethyst suspects that it has to do with the Nth Metal from his transplanted arm. In all the time they've been gone, Ray Palmer has not been able to locate them. Despite their growing frustrations, the tension has forced Amethyst and Hawkman into the early stages of denied romance. With that tension high, Amethyst wonders if Engineer was really as loyal to Stormwatch as Katar thinks. He insists that she is being controlled by something else. Suddenly, Frankenstein leaps up, announcing that he had a strange dream - his first in two hundred years - and it prophecied a terrible future which he believes they will cause.

Back at Cadmus Island, Deathstroke is annoyed that Cole Cash interested Fifty Sue to the point that they are now stuck in a snipe hunt for stealth OMACS, which Slade doesn't believe exist. They are interrupted by King Faraday, who, upon learning what they're doing, insists on speaking to them both in private.

Meanwhile, in their cells, Hawkgirl and her neighbour Rita debate what Cadmus is planning for them. Impatiently, they wait for Scott Free - the world's greatest escape artist - to return from one of his exploratory jaunts, musing that Cadmus should have taken more effective measures if they meant to keep him there. He appears suddenly, startling them, and reporting that the scientist Lana has gone missing - likely in relation to pissing off Fifty Sue. he has also discovered that the devices they were all implanted with are feeding Cadmus bio-data about each of them - and they're growing.

In Africa, John Constantine reunites with his girl Midge, who admits that she's scared about what they've found there. An entire ship's crew was slaughtered and the only survivor claims it was an angel's doing. Knowing what the man is talking about, John realizes that their only hope for the planet is to find the alien before this "angel" does.

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