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"Futures End - Chapter 18": In the Horn of Africa, John Constantine attempts to convince Clark Kent that he needs to help fight off a coming evil, claiming that it's a job for Superman. Clark suggests that John go to Superman -

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The New 52: Futures End #18 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 3, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 18"

In the Horn of Africa, John Constantine attempts to convince Clark Kent that he needs to help fight off a coming evil, claiming that it's a job for Superman. Clark suggests that John go to Superman - the new Superman, refusing to involve himself. John responds that he's already involved. The evil that's coming has already massacred a village just south of their location, and it appears to be looking for Clark. Clark remains defiant, and John condemns his behaviour, reminding that Superman wasn't the only one who did something in the war he'd regret. Clark grunts that he won't be lectured by a drunk, watching John take a swig from his flask. Grinning, John offers a toast to turning their backs on the world. Angrily, Clark slaps the flask from his hand, softening then to ask who might have killed those people. John admits that its name is Brainiac.

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Lois Lane crouches over a young man named Billy Batson, who moments ago, she had thought was Superman. Unfortunately, the lightning bolt that changed him back into his normal self had not brought Rampage down. She returns within moments and grabs Billy by the neck before he can say "Shazam!" again. When she hurls him through the air, he is caught, fortunately, by Stormguard, who then finishes Rampage off, promising that some genetic specialists will get her the help she needs. Lois, meanwhile, demands answers for the fact that the Superman she had seen of late is quite obviously Shazam in disguise. Stormguard explains that even if he gives her the answers she wants, he hopes she won't print them on her website.

He teleports both Lois and Billy to the Justice League Satellite, where he gets Billy some medical attention. He explains that he knows Lois has the right to report the story, but reminds that the world needs a Superman, and if she reports this story, it will take him away. Lois wonders, though - where is the real Superman?

Floating on the Pacific Ocean, Emiko approaches Barda with her helmet, announcing their arrival at the island. Upon setting foot on solid ground, John Diggle explains that this island is where Oliver Queen became the Green Arrow. For the last several years, he has used the island as his place to prepare for locating the lost heroes of Earth 2. However, standing up for the rights of those heroes publicly made his fight dangerous, so he decided he'd need to raise a secret army, to wage his secret war. Now, Oliver Queen stands before them, and welcomes them to his army.

Agent Faraday watches Cadmus Island overrun by the escaped Earth 2 prisoners, complaining to his mysterious benefactor that the escape hardly seemed necessary. The voice responds that it serves its purpose, and Faraday will assist in serving further, should it become necessary. Faraday attempts to assert his independence, but the voice warns him against it. Many will die.

Elsewhere on the island, Slade Wilson, Lana Lang, and Cole Cash are hiding out in a cave, and Slade has returned from gathering his gear to learn that in the interim, Fifty Sue went "off to see the wizard," in her own words. In any case, Lana explains that whatever heroes these escapees were, something overrode their instincts - the implants inside them were modified. Unbeknownst to them, the trio are being watched by Power Girl.

Sue sits untouched in the Cadmus facility, and speaks with the voice. She explains that she is impervious to its control, despite everyone else's obeisance. The voice responds that if she intends to stand against it, any flutter in its consciousness will cause the island and everyone on it to be destroyed. They are in a stalemate. Sue is impressed, and asks the voice's name. The voice responds that she may call it Brother Eye. Rolling her eyes, Sue retrieves her list of demands.

Beneath the Terrifitech building, Batman leads his companions through the maintenance tunnels, drilling them on their roles in the break-in. Key will get them in. Coil will keep them in, for as long as possible. Batman will ensure he can keep them inside. Plastique will get them out.

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