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"Futures End - Chapter 19": Terry McGinnis' crew is all in place to break into Terrifitech's lab vault. He intends to draw fire away from them while they break in, and then Plastique will get them out. That at least,

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The New 52: Futures End #19 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 10, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 19"

Terry McGinnis' crew is all in place to break into Terrifitech's lab vault. He intends to draw fire away from them while they break in, and then Plastique will get them out. That at least, is what he wants them to think. While they are busy trying to steal the uSpheres, Terry gasses the staff of the building and attempts to hack into the computers to find any trace of his real target: Brother Eye.

After using A.L.F.R.E.D. to track the Brother Eye satellite's orbit, Terry's work is done, and he moves on to the next stage of his plan. Plastique, though, is not where he expects her to be. While he activates the alarms, betraying Key and Coil to Terrifitech's security, Plastique sneaks into the lab where her future self - or the cyborg version thereof - is being kept. When Terry catches up to her, and sees that she has been emotionally wrecked by the discovery of it, he thinks better of taking her down, and takes her hand to escape.

In Metropolis, Lois Lane decides to wait on publishing her story that would reveal that the masked Superman is not Kal-El, but Shazam instead. She isn't sure it would be right to run it. Her associate Ty warns that they have to print the story. It's too good not to. Not to mention that Lois has been sitting on her Red Robin story, too. Lois reminds that that story needs more facts. In any case, she promises to give her answer in the next fifteen minutes. When Ty leaves her alone, Superman arrives, having waited for the first moment she was alone.

Billy explains that revealing to the world that the Superman - the symbol - they have looked up to isn't who they thought will crush the meaning of that symbol. The world will need a Superman, and as Superman, Billy is serving that need. As Shazam, he leaves a hole. Lois wonders if he even knows what happened to the real Superman, and Billy's silence reveals the answer. She suggests that he must be feeling cast aside, having to give up being Shazam for this commitment. Billy responds that he knows this is too important - and she's about to destroy everything he's worked for. As he flies off, Lois makes the call with her decision.

Meanwhile, in the Huron System, Ray Palmer tries with increasing desperation to contact his three companions who went missing weeks earlier. He is surprised, then, when someone new appears on the remains of the Carrier with him. The newcomer introduces himself as one of the Storm Lords - a member of the Shadow Cabinet that oversaw Stormwatch. He explains that Ray has been chosen to become the new leader of Stormwatch, to ensure the organization's continued existence well into the future. Ray complains that even if he is to become the leader of a new team, his current team has gone missing on a nearby planet. The Storm Lord responds that it is a spacecraft, not a planet. And while Ray's allies are alive, they are at the mercty of Brainiac, who is responsible for the murder of the previous incarnation of Stormwatch. This Brainiac, it explains, is a far greater power than the version that Ray would know from Earth. That was merely a part of something much bigger and more dangerous. Stormwatch was created to defend against that greater power. And Ray has little time if he is going to uphold that mandate.

On Cadmus Island, Deathstroke and Lana Lang run for their lives as they are under attack by Power Girl, who appears to have been possessed by Brother Eye. Slade urges Lana to run for her life while he faces the super-human, and once she is gone, Power Girl prepares to thrust her fist through his face. She is given pause, however, by Fifty Sue, who reminds that they had a deal. Deathstroke and Lana are under her protection. Brother Eye quickly releases Slade, and leaves, as Slade marvels that Brother Eye is supposed to be a satellite, not a super-heroine. Sue explains that the satellite has managed to possess most of the Earth 2 prisoners and Cole Cash.

In New York City, Calvin Corcoran closes up his bar, and takes a moment to read the newspaper, when he is surprised to learn that Lois Lane has decided to run with the big exposé about the Superman/Shazam switch.

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