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"Futures End - Chapter 20": In Metropolis, Timothy Drake breaks into the offices of The Fast Lane, Lois Lane's online news site, only to find that Lois was expecting him. Knowing full well that "Cal Corcoran" is Red Robin, s

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The New 52: Futures End #20 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 17, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 20"

In Metropolis, Timothy Drake breaks into the offices of The Fast Lane, Lois Lane's online news site, only to find that Lois was expecting him. Knowing full well that "Cal Corcoran" is Red Robin, she assumes he came to see what evidence she has to prove it, given that she recently outed Shazam as impersonating Superman. Despite his insistence that he doesn't want to become her next headline, Tim explains that he didn't fake his own death. He was nearly killed by a Paradmon when Red Arrow rescued him. A bomb blast, though, knocked him unconscious, and when he woke, he had his friends brains splattered all over him. He decided that he was done with super-heroics. He claimed amnesia, and was treated as a John Doe by paramedics, allowing him to get a fresh start.

Lois warns that Cal's relationship with Madison Payne is doomed if he's going to continue living a double life, and Tim seems unmoved. Sensing his annoyance, she changes the subject to the box of items she received from an unknown benefactor. In it is one of the Red Arrow's shafts, which Tim recognizes as the very arrow that was used ot save his life. The map coordinates she received are likely meant for him to find, not Lois. Even so, he refuses to go. He is still done with that life.

Thirty years in the future, Michael Holt is unwilling guest to his creation, Brother Eye, who has since rendered his New York City a ruin. Brother Eye asks a favour of him. Batman has ceased to resist the assimilation process, but the intelligence has learned that Batman sent an assassin back in time to stop the worldwide assimilation from occurring. Initially, Michael is pleased to learn this, but he is soon horrified to discover that Brother Eye has opened Bruce's skull to extract the knowledge of how to travel through time from his brain. Using the Joker, it intends to go back and stop the assassin.

Now, on Cadmus Island, Fifty Sue's ragtag family of Slade Wilson, Cole Cash, and Lana Lang wades through the dead bodies of those killed by the escaped Earth 2 prisoners who were possessed by Brother Eye. The intelligence warns them not to speak to King Faraday, prompting Sue to remind that they agreed that she would have unfettered access to the whole island, so long as they did not interfere with Brother Eye's plans. Pressing on, they make their way to Faraday's office, where Slade reminds that he is still under Faraday's employ - and he is surprised to see that Faraday didn't leave when things went awry. Faraday admits that he is trapped as much as they are by Brother Eye, and he has no plans for how to get out of it. Sue suggests that their next move should be to free the island of Brother Eye's control, and offers her secret bunker as a location to speak of their plans freely.

In a holding cell at Terrifitech, Key and Coil have been captured by security to await arrest. Their guards are surprised, though, when Michael Holt himself insists on entering the cell. Inside, he introduces himself as Mr. Terrific and accuses them of attempting to steal his uSphere - which, by association, is the same as trying to rob everyone on the planet. He knows, though, that they must have been working for someone else. Though it was likely a secret, he is sure that Key has already reasoned out who his employer is. He offers that if that name is revealed to him, he will provide Key with a job. Otherwise, they will both go to prison. After a moment of conference, both men offer the name of Bruce Wayne.

In his apartment, Tim sits his girlfriend Madison down and comes clean about his dual identity as Red Robin. He admits that Lois was right about him, and he had lied to Madison to keep up his new life as Cal Corcoran. Feeling betrayed by his deception, particularly after her father had deceived her similarly, Madison walks out on him.

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