"Futures End - Chapter 24": As they try desperately to outrun Brainiac's robots in the Nan-Knight ship, Ray Palmer and the Agents of S.H.A.D.E. hope to return The Engineer

The New 52: Futures End #24 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 15, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 24"

As they try desperately to outrun Brainiac's robots in the Nan-Knight ship, Ray Palmer and the Agents of S.H.A.D.E. hope to return The Engineer to her old self so that she can repair the Carrier and get them out of the Huron System. Fortunately, Hawkman is able to snap her out of it, and she happily kisses him when she realizes that he's not dead. Black Adam, though, is struggling to hold the robots off, and once the Nan-Knight gets to the Carrier, he warns that there are still a great many waiting to tear the ship apart.

Elsewhere, on Cadmus Island, Scott Free washes the blood from his bruised face, having at last removed the implant that was controlling him. He returns to the place where Fury sleeps, waking her to admit that they had been fighting each other against their wills. He had removed her implant as well, and he explains how Brother Eye had used them to control their bodies. Unable to leave the island, Scott suggests that their priority should be to purge the island's systems of Brother Eye's programming.

On campus at Columbia University, Madison Payne has been helping Ronnie Raymond study his Hegel, but he's proccupied with the upcoming football game he's to play against Harvard University. He admits that his parents won't be coming to watch, because his father ditched him when he was a boy, and his mother died in the war. Only his uncle Roy Raymond is still around. Madison suggests that Ronnie reconnect with Jason Rusch but Ronnie states that he'd rather just be alone. Madison admits that she feels alone too, and they decide to be alone together. After Ronnie heads off to the game, Tim Drake approaches Madison and offers an apology. Though she is moved, she warns that it's too soon for her to forgive him - and he can't earn that so easily.

Jason Rusch, meanwhile, is helping his mentor Dr. Yamazake create a teleportation device that the doctor hopes will be able to be mass produced. To their surprise and glee, their test on a mannequin works, prompting Yamazake to declare that they can begin human testing. Worriedly, Jason warns against it - suggesting mice instead. Suspiciously, Dr. Yamazake suggests that Jason might be trying to prevent his success.

In Africa, John Constantine and his companions worry that even after convincing Superman to come out of retirement to fight a dangerous threat, he might have been killed by it. If so, they will be next. To wit, the entity appears and kills Tommy, and begins torturing Midge. John is horrified, because after what he's been through since the war, he isn't strong enough to save her. Fortunately, Superman is still alive, and he returns to save John's life.

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