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"Futures End - Chapter 26": Key and Coil are having trouble adjusting to the change in vocation from criminals to legitimate work with Terrifitech, and they sit uncomfortably, waiting in the car while their new employer, [[Michael Holt (F

Quote1.png If I contact anyone who exists in the future, it compromises the future. Quote2.png
Terry McGinnis

The New 52: Futures End #26 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 29, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 26"

Key and Coil are having trouble adjusting to the change in vocation from criminals to legitimate work with Terrifitech, and they sit uncomfortably, waiting in the car while their new employer, Michael Holt meets with Bruce Wayne, whom they believe is responsible for hiring them to steal the uSphere. The meeting is amicable, however. Bruce, though, begs off of their meeting at Terrifitech, and offers to meet for a late dinner. Though Michael feigns trust, he sends Coil and Key to follow him.

Meanwhile, at Columbia University, Dr. Yamazake expells Jason Rusch from his lab, having deduced that his research assistant is part of Firestorm - and therefore a member of the despised Justice League, whom he believes are withholding useful technologies from the public. He tells Jason to inform his friends with the League that the next test of his teleportation device will be on human subjects. He then has Jason escorted out by security. Sighing, Jason decides that he has nothing to lose anymore, and decides to answer an anonymous text message asking to meet at the Central Park Zoo.

Not long after Jason's expulsion, Doctor Yamazake is interrupted in his lab by Madison Payne, who is looking for Jason. When he realizes who her father is, he attacks her violently, believing him to be responsible for the death of his wife. He knocks her unconscious, insisting that she will be the perfect human test subject for his device.

Allied with Plastique in his effort to stop Brother Eye, Terry McGinnis suggests that they go to Tim Drake for help. Plastique is skeptical, wondering why he would choose a former Robin over contacting the Justice League. Terry explains that if he contacts anyone who's alive in the future, it compromises the future. Tim Drake is one of the few people whose DNA was not catalogued by Brother Eye - and there is no record of him beyond this year. There is no Tim Drake in the future, and that means he's the man to go to.

On Cadmus Island, Fifty Sue taunts Brother Eye by reminding it that she is assembling a team to destroy it. She is amused that the artificial intelligence must be annoyed that it can't take control over her - and she could easily wipe it from existence with a thought, but chooses not to. Brother Eye responds by showing that it knows everything about her, and reveals that Slade Wilson is preparing to betray her - if not to set Brother Eye free, then at least to ensure it is not destroyed. Seeing the betrayal naturally hurts Sue's feelings, though she senses that she is being manipulated.

Cole Cash and Lana Lang leave their hiding place, knowing that with the truce between Sue and Brother Eye called off, it isn't safe to do so - if only for a breath of fresh air. Cole points out that he knows that Lana has feelings for Slade, despite her profession that his killing disgusts her. Cole reminds that regardless of the circumstances and their resistance, they have become a family of sorts. Worriedly, he ushers her back into the hideout, hoping that Sue and Slade will return sometime soon.

At the Zoo, Jason is surprised and annoyed to discover that his anonymous text came from Ronnie Raymond. When he confronts Ronnie, though, his former friend complains that it was Jason who texted him. They are interrupted by Batman, who warns them both to grow up. He explains that he's looking for someone, and whatever Jason says, they are not done as Firestorm. He points out that Green Arrow is not dead, and therefore the source of their conflict is moot. He had used them. He reminds them to look at the bigger picture. Firestorm isn't about the men who hold the power - it is about potential for that power to do good. The world needs Firestorm, regardless of how they feel.

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