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"Futures End - Chapter 28": Despite her worries, Lois Lane is relieved to find that her parachute is plummeting toward land, and not the open sea, as her pilot had suggested. Gleefully, she digs her hands into the sand, praising the island for being there - bu

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The New 52: Futures End #28 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2015. It was published on November 12, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 28"

Despite her worries, Lois Lane is relieved to find that her parachute is plummeting toward land, and not the open sea, as her pilot had suggested. Gleefully, she digs her hands into the sand, praising the island for being there - but she soon realizes that she is not alone. An OMAC controlled by Brother Eye has discovered her and intends to apprehend her. When it becomes clear that it will not let her come quietly, she tries to taser it, but it is unaffected, and reassesses her as a threat. Fed up, Lois ditches her parachute and runs off into the woods. She emerges in a clearing where she recognizes the Cadmus logo on the side of one of the compound's buildings, but she is discovered again by OMACS, and is forced back into the woods. In her search for a safe place, she trips over something in the brush, and is disturbed to find Red Tornado - her other-world self - lying damaged in the jungle.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Frank Rock skeptically criticizes King Faraday for his failure to protect Cadmus Island from Brother Eye. As a result, Faraday has had to put on hold the plans for Fifty Sue, and Rock is not pleased. He wonders why, if Faraday is so opposed to super-humans, he bothered to create Sue at all. Faraday responds that he had wanted to know how abilities manifested themselves on a genetic level before he could device a neutralizing agent for them.

Their discussion is interrupted when Sue herself appears in the office, crying over the betrayal she witnessed taking place, where Slade Wilson - her father figure - chose Brother Eye over her. She demands a team to get revenge on him and to free Cadmus Island from Brother Eye's control. Just then, Voodoo enters the room to complain about the OMACs following her team around, and the mention of the team sparks Sue's interest. Voodoo, of course, has been hired to kill Sue, and to see her going untouched by Faraday and Rock puzzles her.

In New York City, the Wounded Duck bar is on fire, thanks to an explosive tossed by Plastique. Despite her help, Terry McGinnis is still no better off in his battle against this era's Batman. Grumpily, he warns Plastique to run for it. He and Batman crash out an upper story window, and as Terry tries to escape by air, Batman latches a grappling hook around his ankles. Terry is better trained than he realizes, though, and uses the tension to drag Batman through a second window. Freed, Terry catches up with Plastique, picks her up off the ground, and thanks her for her help.

Elsewhere in the city, Ronnie Raymond returns to his apartment to find Cal Corcoran sitting on his front steps asking where Madison Payne might have gone. He explains that her disappearance has him worried, and attempting to help, Ronnie suggests that he talk to Jason Rush, the leader of Madison's study group. Cal starts hurrying to the Columbia University campus, and Ronnie insists on coming with him if Madison is in trouble.

Jason, meanwhile, attempts to explain himself to Dr. Yamazake, who fired him as a research assistant after he learned that Jason was part of Firestorm. Unfortunately, Dr. Yamazake won't answer his door, but he hears some muffled words from behind the door that lead him to believe someone inside needs his help. Concerned, Jason charges down the door, only to find that it's the TV making the noise. Watching, he realizes that Dr. Yamazake has been playing the video of the attack that caused his wife's death on a loop, fuelling his obsessive hatred of the Justice League who could not save her. That obsession went deeper than Jason had even realized, but now he sees that Dr. Yamazake is insane and dangerous.

Dr. Yamazake has got Madison Payne in his custody against her will, intent on making her the first human test subject for his new teleportation device. He has chosen her merely because her father was declared a war criminal, and therefore, if she dies in the experiment, it will make someone who is guilty feel the same heartbreak of losing someone close that he did. For now, though, his devices must read her in order to ensure the best possible transportation conditions. After that, her life will depend on the experiment's success.

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