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"Futures End - Chapter 29": On the Columbia University campus, Cal Corcoran and Ronnie Raymond are surprised to find themselves in conflict with Cadmus security - most surprising because Cadmus is osten

Quote1.png He has to be stopped! If he goes forward with his experiments, the damage could be catastrophic! Quote2.png
Jason Rusch

The New 52: Futures End #29 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2015. It was published on November 19, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 29"

On the Columbia University campus, Cal Corcoran and Ronnie Raymond are surprised to find themselves in conflict with Cadmus security - most surprising because Cadmus is ostensibly just a pharmaceutical company. This proves to Cal that they trying to hide something - and that something is probably their mutual friend Madison Payne. When Ronnie sees Cal's moves, he realizes with further surprise that he is fighting alongside former Teen Titan, Red Robin.

Another acquaintance of Madison's, Jason Rusch is being held by Cadmus Security on the grounds that Jason had tried to break into Dr. Yamazake's office. Jason realizes that Cadmus has been funding Dr. Yamazake's research, and worriedly, he grabs one of the guards' keycards and makes a run for the lab.

Inside, Yamazake has got Madison locked in one of his transporter tubes, scanning her body so that his teleporter will have a greater chance of success with its first human subject. Jason interrupts, while Cal and Ronnie fight their way toward the lab as well. Cal promises to hold back the guards while Ronnie makes his way inside, but he is too long out of practice, and ends up taking a beating. Jason realizes that the settings on Doctor Yamazake's device are off, and he could kill Madison if he goes forward now. Angrily, Yamazake knocks him unconscious with a wrench and accelerates his timetable.

As Cal recovers and insists that nobody will get into the lab without killing him first, Yamazake's device begins its work, and Madison begins to regret cutting ties with Cal, whom she loves. Watching, Yamazake realizes that his device isn't working properly, as Ronnie rushes past him and knocks him aside. Seeing Madison, Ronnie ignores the energy coursing through the transporter, and pulls Madison out. Unfortunately, he is struck by the energy bolts in her stead. Regaining consciousness, Jason warns Yamazake that he must cut power to the device, but the professor insists on completing his experiment with Ronnie, if not Madison. Ronnie cries out to Jason that they can put a stop to this if they unite as Firestorm. As Jason reaches out to join hands with him, Ronnie begins to dematerialize, and Jason's hand goes right through him to Madison. Realizing that he can't stop what's happening to himself, Ronnie uses his last moments to apologize to Jason for what he did. With that, he explodes in a brilliant light that rips the door right off of the lab, sending Cal hurtling.

From the explosion, a streak shoots toward the sky as Madison realizes that she's flying. Jason accidentally linked with her instead of Ronnie, and now he is trapped in the Firestorm Matrix again.

Worriedly, Cal sifts through the wreckage seeking Madison, but he finds Ronnie instead - badly burnt and dying. As he watches Ronnie's life fade, Cal remembers how he had watched all of his friends in the Teen Titans die, back when he was Tim Drake. The years he tried to hide from that death had cost him his edge, and now Madison is gone as a result.

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