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"Futures End - Chapter 30": On Cadmus Island, Lois Lane has come face to face with Red Tornado, her counterpart from Earth 2. The robot explains that she was taken prisoner on the island, when she had only sought refuge wit

Quote1.png I am already lost. One of us must live to tell. Go... tell the world what happened here. Tell them my story. Quote2.png
Red Tornado

The New 52: Futures End #30 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2015. It was published on November 26, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 30"

On Cadmus Island, Lois Lane has come face to face with Red Tornado, her counterpart from Earth 2. The robot explains that she was taken prisoner on the island, when she had only sought refuge with the other escapees. Lois worries that they will have to find a way off the island soon, whatever the case.

Just off the island's coast, Team Arrow has arrived, as Big Barda worries that the imprisonment of her companions was her responsibility, and insists that she will die to save them from Cadmus if she must. Upon arriving on shore, Green Arrow attempts to fire an EMP arrow to disable Brother Eye, but it is caught and destroyed by Hawkgirl, who is under the intelligence's control. With that failure, they are left with no choice by to enter physical battle with the OMACS and inmates of the island. Worriedly, Oliver drags Barda and Red Arrow away to find an alternative, while Emiko holds the line with the Outsiders. To Emiko's horror, the OMACS begin combining into one, giant OMAC.

Elsewhere, Deathstroke trains his sight on Green Arrow, hoping to finish his contract on the man, despite Cole Cash's complaints that the invaders are on their side. Slade is unmoved, and so Lana Lang brings a rock down on his head, allowing them to escape him. The pair run toward Ollie and company, only for Lana to take a concussive arrow to the head. Cole complains that she was one of them, but their explanation is cut short when Deathstroke catches up to them. Suddenly, though, Fury leaps out of the bushes and rips the head from his shoulders.

Though everyone is disturbed, Barda is glad to see that Scott Free is with Fury, and rushes to his side. Green Arrow sends Red Arrow to escort the wounded back to the boat, taking on Scott, Fury, and Barda as his allies in the meantime. Together, they rush Barda-first into the facility, only to be beaten back by Power Girl. Despite Oliver's successfully using a fail-safe to shut down Brother Eye's control of the other prisoners, Power Girl remains violent, revealing that she is not a drone - she is a near-indestructible recreation merger between the woman herself and Brother Eye's intelligence. Barda warns the others to escape while she holds Power Girl back, and stops her from reactivating the systems.

Meanwhile, Red Tornado warns Lois to save herself without caring for the safety of her counterpart. She begs that Lois at least live to tell her story. As the Outsiders help the freed prisoners into their boats, Lois rushes out on the beach, just in time to see Oliver Queen rushing toward her with a promise to tell her everything after they get on the boat. The boats push off, and as they do, Barda successfully disables Brother Eye's control of Power Girl, causing an explosion which she could not possibly survive.

Despite the successful escape and Barda's sacrifice, Brother Eye survives by infecting Lois' phone, and escapes the confines of Cadmus Island.

Appearing in "Futures End - Chapter 30"

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Other Characters:

  • Hawkgirl (Possessed)
  • Huntress (Possessed)
  • Captain Steel (Possessed)
  • Aquawoman (Possessed)
  • Power Girl (Possessed)





  • This issue's cover is probably a homage to the cover of Kamandi #1 with its Statue of Liberty depiction replaced by the background shade of a looming OMAC. This is interesting since the original Omac is Kamandi's grandfather in Pre-Crisis/New Earth continuity.
  • This issue is reprinted in The New 52: Futures End Vol. 2.

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