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"Futures End - Chapter 32": In New York City, Plastique ushers Terry McGinnis into a pizza place, urging him to go to this time's Batman for help in preventing the future of [[Brother Eye (Fu

Quote1.png Not what... her. I'm sorry, Engineer, but something very, very bad is coming. And we need you to stop it. Quote2.png
Father Time

The New 52: Futures End #32 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 10, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 32"

In New York City, Plastique ushers Terry McGinnis into a pizza place, urging him to go to this time's Batman for help in preventing the future of Brother Eye. Terry responds that his time's Batman had warned him not to confront his past self because he would try to stop him from preventing the future.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne meets with Mister Terrific to warn him against making the uSphere available to the general population. In response, Mister Terrific spites him by holding an announcement that he will release the uSpheres early to the population of New York. This announcement was on the advice of the Brother Eye AI in his office.

In Oakland, California, Cole Cash reacts with frustration when the Earth Registration Authority refuses to acknowledge that he is not dead, and treats him instead as Lana Lang's husband from Earth 2. Cole insists that they let him plead his case before a board of inquiry, until he learns that it would mean spending six months in custody. Faced with that, Cole agrees to accept an identity as Lana's husband, and get an Earth-Card.

On the ruins of Cadmus Island, armed soldiers have set up a base, while Fifty Sue hides out in a bunker, angrily condemning Brother Eye for allowing Slade Wilson - her father figure - to be killed by someone other than her. Taking his helmet, and putting it on her own head, she vows to destroy Brother Eye herself.

Back in New York, Dr. Yamazake has survived the incident in his lab to seek revenge on Firestorm and the Justice League. Trapped within a magnetic field, he builds a suit for himself to wear and makes for to return to his lab.

Meanwhile, Jason Rusch attempts to instruct Madison Payne in getting them both out of the Firestorm Matrix. With no success, Jason admits that he will have to see the scene of the accident that fused them, and has her take them back to Yamazake's lab at Columbia University.

Nearing Earth's orbit, Ray Palmer is ecstatic to discover that he's got himself and his companions home, despite pursuit by Brainiac's drones. Unfortunately, they can't get home, because something has latched onto the Carrier's hull. They watch as it grows and grows, and they realize with surprise that it's the Ant Farm. They are greeted, then, by Father Time and S.H.A.D.E. She explains that she has come to ask that they hand over the valuable weapon they brought back with them, pointing directly at The Engineer. She explains that something very bad is coming, and only Angela can stop it. If they do not hand her over, however, S.H.A.D.E. will unleash every monster they've ever collected on the rogue agents to claim her.

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