"Futures End - Chapter 34": At Columbia University, Madison Payne and Jason Rusch returned to Doctor Yamazake's lab to seek a solution to their inseparability within the Firestorm Matrix when

Quote1 Bruce... don't give in-- never forget who you are. Quote2
Michael Holt

The New 52: Futures End #34 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 24, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 34"

At Columbia University, Madison Payne and Jason Rusch returned to Doctor Yamazake's lab to seek a solution to their inseparability within the Firestorm Matrix when Yamazake attacked them with new-found power over the magnetic field. Nervously, Jason tries to instruct Madison on fighting back with her own power, lest Yamazake make good on his personal vendetta against Firestorm and kill them both. When he finally manages to convince her to unleash a blast of energy at their attacker, she misses. She has little time to defend herself against his counter attack. Yamazake throws a cement truck at her, and Jason hurriedly instructs her to rearrange its molecules into something soft like a feather. She envisions a teddy bear in her mind, but it has the same size and mass of a cement truck, so it still hurts and drops them to the ground.

Meanwhile, in the brain of the little girl that is Father Time, Raymond Palmer has discovered the tentacled creature that is Father Time's true form - and as such, he can't be allowed to live. The creature explains that Brainiac is coming, and he collected his entire race. Father Time escaped by taking refuge on earth, two centuries ago. He believes that The Engineer has been compromised and must be destroyed. Ray responds that Angela is not a mere monster. She is a person with friends who will defend her. To that end, he produces a shrink ray, and shrinks Father Time down, causing his outward appearance to shift into a formless puddle. At last, Ray emerges with the creature in hand. Desperately, Father Time tries to convince Frankenstein to defend him, but when Frank refuses, he is shot by one of S.H.A.D.E.'s soldiers, and with horror, Amethyst realizes that he's dying.

In Las Vegas, Voodoo and her companions are frustrated that after being hired to kill Fifty Sue, they were then asked to work with her, and then to reclaim some vault that sank into the ocean when Cadmus Island was destroyed. Voodoo reminds them that they were never told that they weren't to kill the girl later. They are interrupted by Justin, who comments that he was going to stay in his room as instructed, but he's more afraid of the girl in there with him than he is of them. Startled, they realize that he has been hanging out with Fifty Sue - and Voodoo learns that her friend Cole Cash is alive and with King Faraday and Sgt. Rock.

There, he and Lana Lang are confused as to what more Faraday could want from them. Faraday responds that he wants nothing from Lana - but Cole must join Sue in getting the DNA vault from the bottom of the ocean. Ethan Boyer comments that Sue should be able to simply teleport the vault from one place to another, as she seems to do with people with relatively high frequency. Annoyed, Sue causes his hand to dematerialize, and he faints. Disturbed by the display, Lana rushes out of the room and slams the door behind her, causing Faraday to remark that she obviously still relates to Sue as a little girl, despite all evidence to the contrary.

In New York City, A.L.F.R.E.D. reports of an anomaly that may be Brother Eye, located at Terrifitech. Not long after making the report, though, he announces that he's been breached and shuts himself down for Terry's protection. The breach, though, is the work of Batman.

Thirty years in the future, Michael Holt watches as Brother Eye prepares its horrifying amalgam of Batman and the Joker for its trip back in time to stop Terry from righting the timeline. Batman still resists the commands, and Michael begs him not to give in or forget who he is. Sadly, Batman responds by asking what he is, drawing attention to the ways in which he has been altered. After the creature is sent back, Brother Eye feels assured of its success, but Michael still has hope. Brother Eye responds that if he wasn't successful, he wouldn't exist anymore.

Meanwhile, the creature arrives in the past, and attacks Plastique.


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